WR-WTB Connectors with Locking Mechanism

Würth Electronics offers a line of WR-WTB dual row, 2 mm pitch, wire-to-board connectors with locking mechanism

Image of Wurth Electronics' WR-WTB Connectors with Locking MechanismWurth Electronics has released a 2 mm pitch, dual row, wire-to-board line of connectors. The main advantage of these connectors is a locking system that provides secure mating and easy mating/unmating compared to other 2 mm wire-to-board systems. With a current carrying capability of 3 A, the 2 mm dual row connector can be used in a wide range of consumer, industrial automation, and other applications because of its space saving size and wide range of polarities (8 to 40 pins).

A hand tool, along with two types of pre-crimped contacts (22 AWG and 28 AWG), is available for this line.


  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +85°C
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant
  • Current rating: 3 A
  • Working voltage: 250 V (AC)
  • Insulator resistance: >1000 MΩ
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1000 VAC minimum
  • Contact resistance: 20 mΩ maximum
  • Flammability rating: UL94-V0
  • Pitch: 2.00 mm

WR-WTB Connectors with Locking Mechanism

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable Quantity
620003113322 datasheet linkWR-WTB 2.00MM TERM HOUSING 3PIN620003113322WR-WTB 2.00MM TERM HOUSING 3PINReceptacleFemale Socket1379 - Immediate
620003113322 product page link
61900211621 datasheet linkCONN HSNG 2POS FEMALE 2.54MM61900211621CONN HSNG 2POS FEMALE 2.54MMReceptacleFemale Socket1079 - Immediate
61900211621 product page link
65300113722DEC datasheet linkFEMALE 1.25MM CRIMP CONTACTS65300113722DECFEMALE 1.25MM CRIMP CONTACTSStampedSocket5460 - Immediate
65300113722DEC product page link
61900113722DEC datasheet linkCONN FEMALE TERM 22-28AWG TIN61900113722DECCONN FEMALE TERM 22-28AWG TINStampedSocket2393 - Immediate
61900113722DEC product page link
66500113722DEC datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR66500113722DECCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORStampedSocket1345 - Immediate
66500113722DEC product page link
620004113322 datasheet linkWR-WTB 2.00MM TERM HOUSING 4PIN620004113322WR-WTB 2.00MM TERM HOUSING 4PINReceptacleFemale Socket1156 - Immediate
620004113322 product page link
665006113322 datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR665006113322CONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORReceptacleFemale Socket3590 - Immediate
665006113322 product page link
61900211121 datasheet linkHEADER 2POS PIN T/H 2.54MM61900211121HEADER 2POS PIN T/H 2.54MMMale PinHeader, Unshrouded1111 - Immediate
61900211121 product page link
61900311121 datasheet linkHEADER 3POS PIN T/H 2.54MM61900311121HEADER 3POS PIN T/H 2.54MMMale PinHeader, Unshrouded1153 - Immediate
61900311121 product page link
665002113322 datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR665002113322CONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORReceptacleFemale Socket3721 - Immediate
665002113322 product page link
64800113722DEC datasheet linkWR-WTB FEMALE TERM 1.5MM CRIMP64800113722DECWR-WTB FEMALE TERM 1.5MM CRIMPStampedSocket1063 - Immediate
64800113722DEC product page link
665003113322 datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR665003113322CONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORReceptacleFemale Socket3790 - Immediate
665003113322 product page link
665004113322 datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR665004113322CONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORReceptacleFemale Socket3685 - Immediate
665004113322 product page link
665005113322 datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR665005113322CONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORReceptacleFemale Socket3671 - Immediate
665005113322 product page link
665102131822 datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR665102131822CONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORMale PinHeader, Shrouded2493 - Immediate
665102131822 product page link
665103131822 datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR665103131822CONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORMale PinHeader, Shrouded2890 - Immediate
665103131822 product page link
665104131822 datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR665104131822CONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORMale PinHeader, Shrouded2629 - Immediate
665104131822 product page link
665105131822 datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR665105131822CONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORMale PinHeader, Shrouded2893 - Immediate
665105131822 product page link
61900211021 datasheet linkHEADER 2POS PIN R/A 2.54MM T/H61900211021HEADER 2POS PIN R/A 2.54MM T/HMale PinHeader, Unshrouded999 - Immediate
61900211021 product page link
665106131822 datasheet linkCONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTOR665106131822CONWTB MICRO POWER CONNECTORMale PinHeader, Shrouded2532 - Immediate
665106131822 product page link
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Published: 2013-03-19