Wurth offers their SMD REDCUBE® terminals for high-current applications

Image of Wurth Electronics' SMD Power Elements SMD REDCUBE® terminals by Wurth Electronics combine the advantages of SMD mounting in conjunction with high current technology. SMD REDCUBE terminals can be fully mounted automatically with pick-and-place from the reel to the circuit board with all other SMD components, thus affording fast and uncomplicated processing. Connection points spanning a large area of the pad result in low contact resistance and low self-heating. The elements have an industrial operating temperature up to 155°C. Depending on the layout, currents up to 50 A are possible. At the same time, the components have very-high retention forces and torques.

Features and Benefits
  • Material: brass
  • Surface: tin plated
  • Heat resistant: up to 155°C
  • Tightening torque: M3 (0.5 Nm), M4 (1.2 Nm)
  • Packaging: bulk, reel
  • Current rating: max. 50 A (20°C)
  • Simpler and faster automated assembly
  • Lower initial time and cost
  • Low resistance and self-heating
  • High current-carrying capacity
  • Small footprint
  • High mechanical forces and torques


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
7466103 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT M3 1PIN SMD7466103TERM PWR ELEMENT M3 1PIN SMD488 - Immediate
7466103 product page link
7466203 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT M3 1PIN SMD7466203TERM PWR ELEMENT M3 1PIN SMD150 - Immediate
7466203 product page link
7466214 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT SHANK M4 1PIN7466214TERM PWR ELEMENT SHANK M4 1PIN116 - Immediate
7466214 product page link
7466104 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT M4 1PIN SMD7466104TERM PWR ELEMENT M4 1PIN SMD120 - Immediate
7466104 product page link
7466113 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT SHANK M3 1PIN7466113TERM PWR ELEMENT SHANK M3 1PIN40 - Immediate
7466113 product page link
7466114 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT SHANK M4 1PIN7466114TERM PWR ELEMENT SHANK M4 1PIN114 - Immediate
7466114 product page link
7466213 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT SHANK M3 1PIN7466213TERM PWR ELEMENT SHANK M3 1PIN28 - Immediate
7466213 product page link
7466204 datasheet linkTERM PWR ELEMENT M4 1PIN SMD7466204TERM PWR ELEMENT M4 1PIN SMD17 - Immediate
7466204 product page link
Published: 2014-03-20