Low Profile Multilayer Chip Antennas

Low profile multilayer chip antennas designed for all common RF applications from Wurth

Low Profile Multilayer Chip AntennasWurth Electronics low profile Multilayer Chip Antennas are designed for all common RF applications like Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM900, Home RF and Wimax. These parts are recommended by Wurth Electronics’ strategic partners Atmel, Melexis, Legic, Amber Wireless and IK Elektronik. The Multilayer Chip Antennas are available including the respective evaluation boards from Wurth Electronics.

Characteristics Applications
  • SMD Multilayer Chip Antenna
  • Extremely low profile
  • Very light component
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Power capacity: 3 W max.
  • For RF-applications in the area of 868 MHz to 5.5 GHz
  • WLAN
  • Home RF
  • Bluetooth applications
  • IEEE 802.11a/b
  • GPS

RF Antennas

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
7488910245 datasheet linkANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4-2.5GHZ7488910245ANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4-2.5GHZ3379 - Immediate
7488910245 product page link
7488920245 datasheet linkANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4-2.5GHZ7488920245ANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4-2.5GHZ1739 - Immediate
7488920245 product page link
7488912455 datasheet linkANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4-2.5GHZ7488912455ANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4-2.5GHZ1925 - Immediate
7488912455 product page link
7488930245 datasheet linkANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4-2.5GHZ7488930245ANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4-2.5GHZ1849 - Immediate
7488930245 product page link
7488940245 datasheet linkANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4-2.5GHZ7488940245ANTENNA MULTILAYER 2.4-2.5GHZ1585 - Immediate
7488940245 product page link
7488910092 datasheet linkANTENNA MULTILAYER 868-960MHZ7488910092ANTENNA MULTILAYER 868-960MHZ1201 - Immediate
7488910092 product page link
7488910043 datasheet linkANTENNA MULTILAYER SMD7488910043ANTENNA MULTILAYER SMD07488910043 product page link

RF Evaluation and Development Kits-Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
74889100TB datasheet linkTEST BOARD FOR 7488910092 ANT74889100TBTEST BOARD FOR 7488910092 ANT5 - Immediate
74889100TB product page link
7488910TB datasheet linkTEST BOARD FOR 74889102457488910TBTEST BOARD FOR 74889102454 - Immediate
7488910TB product page link
7488930TB datasheet linkTEST BOARD FOR 74889302457488930TBTEST BOARD FOR 74889302451 - Immediate
7488930TB product page link
74889105TB datasheet linkTEST BOARD FOR 748891052074889105TBTEST BOARD FOR 7488910520074889105TB product page link
7488920TB datasheet linkTEST BOARD FOR 74889202457488920TBTEST BOARD FOR 748892024507488920TB product page link
74889101TB datasheet linkTEST BOARD FOR 7488910157 ANT74889101TBTEST BOARD FOR 7488910157 ANT074889101TB product page link
7488912TB datasheet linkTEST BOARD FOR 74889124557488912TBTEST BOARD FOR 748891245507488912TB product page link
Published: 2012-09-11