OMNIMATE Power Hybrid Connectors

Weidmuller's hybrid motor can connect power, signals, and EMC shield

Image of Weidmuller's OMNIMATE Power Hybrid ConnectorsThe OMNIMATE Power Hybrid connector from Weidmüller provides developers and users with the perfect three-in-one solution. This allows you to save space on the circuit board, on the outside of the housing, and in the electrical cabinet. The self-locking one-handed interlock mechanism requires only one plugging step, and therefore speeds up installation and maintenance procedures. It is easy to handle and interlocks automatically, - even in difficult installation positions. The unique shielding shape with 30 degree cable entry enables a space savings of up to 10 cm between rows.


  • EMC-compliant screen connection for any application without risk of insufficient shielding
  • Three-in-one solution provides pluggable EMC screen connection, integrated signal contacts, and one-handed security flange
  • Three functions in one connector provides for space savings on the circuit board, device housing, and in the cabinet
  • Tool-free one-handed operation with automatic interlocking and blind plugging for power, signals, and EMC-shielding in one step
  • One middle flange, four signal contacts, and one pluggable EMC screen connection replaces two outer flanges to integrate functions, optimize processes, and reduce complexity
Omnimate BVF
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1060590000TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS STR 7.62MM0
1060520000TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS STR 7.62MM0
1081610000TERM BLOCK PLUG 6POS STR 7.62MM50 - Factory Stock
1081630000TERM BLOCK PLUG 7POS STR 7.62MM0
1081150000TERM BLOCK PLUG 8POS STR 7.62MM90 - Factory Stock
1082140000TERM BLOCK PLUG 9POS STR 7.62MM25 - Factory Stock
Omnimate SV
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1089370000TERM BLOCK HDR 6POS R/A 7.62MM60 - Factory Stock
1930840000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS VERT 7.62MM0
1089660000TERM BLOCK HDR 7POS R/A 7.62MM0
1048540000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS VERT 7.62MM0
1089820000TERM BLOCK HDR 8POS 7.62MM252 - Factory Stock
1090130000TERM BLOCK HDR 8POS R/A 7.62MM36 - Factory Stock
1090600000TERM BLOCK HDR 9POS R/A 7.62MM30 - Factory Stock
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Published: 2013-09-10