LMZF Series

Weidmüller’s LMZF series utilizes a tension-clamp spring connection

Image of Weidmuller's LMZF SeriesThe LMZF series, 0.200" (5.08 mm) pitch, are one-piece terminal blocks. They are part of the OMNIMATE Signal family of connectors from Weidmüller. With a simple and direct terminal connection to the circuit board, the terminal provides high-density component assembly with good usability despite the compact dimensions.

The LMZF series utilizes a tension clamp method of termination. The pre-tensioned tension clamp pulls the wire against the busbar, resulting in a permanent and vibration-resistant connection. The spring can be opened with a screwdriver. The wire is fed through the wire guide into the spring cage. When the screwdriver is removed, the wire is clamped. The surface-treated busbar ensures low contact resistance and a high resistance to corrosion.


  • Constant-conductor clamping force independent of the operator
  • Simple operation
  • Control and building industries
  • Sensor actuator interfaces
  • Power supplies
Omnimate LMZF
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of LevelsPositions Per LevelAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1721640000TERM BLOCK PCB 2POS 5.08MM BLACK12119 - Immediate
1721650000TERM BLOCK PCB 3POS 5.08MM BLACK13213 - Immediate
100 - Factory Stock
1721700000TERM BLOCK PCB 8POS 5.08MM BLACK1827 - Immediate
1734240000TERM BLOCK PCB 4POS 5.08MM BLACK140
1811840000LMZF 5/2/135 3.5 BK120
1913780000LMZF 5/2/135 3.5OR120
1952570000LMZF 7/2/135 3.5OR120
1952240000LMZF 7/2/135 3.5SW120
1734220000TERM BLOCK PCB 2POS 5.08MM BLACK120
1722400000TERM BLOCK PCB 2POS 5.08MM BLACK12100 - Factory Stock
1717140000CONN TERM BLK PCB 5.08MM 2POS OR12100 - Factory Stock
1714590000LMZF 5.08/02/135 3.2SN OR120
1812060000LMZF 5/2/135 3.5 GN120
1811950000LMZF 5/2/135 3.5 GR120
1811850000LMZF 5/3/135 3.5 BK130
1913820000LMZF 5/3/135 3.5OR130
1952580000LMZF 7/3/135 3.5OR130
1952250000LMZF 7/3/135 3.5SW130
1701440000LMZF 5.08/03/90 2.8SN OR130
1734230000TERM BLOCK PCB 3POS 5.08MM BLACK130
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Published: 2013-10-14