LM Series

Weidmüller’s LM's flat clamping yoke enables clamping of very-small cross-section wires

Image of Weidmuller's LM SeriesThe LM series one-piece terminal blocks are available in multiple pitches and are part of the OMNIMATE Signal family of connectors from Weidmüller. With a simple and direct terminal connection to the circuit board, the terminal provides high-density component assembly with good usability despite the compact dimensions.

The LM Series utilizes a clamping yoke termination. The clamping-yoke connection is the most-used screw connection in the world. When the screw on the clamp is tightened, there is a counter effect in the clamping yoke‘s threaded area which prevents the connection from accidentally loosening. As the screw thread is on an inclined plane, there is a force gain created and a very-high clamping force is achieved.

Features Applications
  • Screw connection guarantees a globally accepted, vibration-proof, and maintenance-free connection
  • A large conductor clamping area is covered
  • The wire guard protection mechanism prevents accidental insertion of the wire underneath the clamping area, it protects against hidden faulty contacts
  • Flat clamping yoke enables clamping of very-small cross-section wires
  • Control and building interfaces
    • Sensor actuator interfaces
    • Power supplies
LM Series
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of LevelsPositions Per LevelAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1716020000CONN TERM BLOCK PCB 5.08MM 2POS125971 - Immediate
1716060000CONN TERM BLOCK PCB 5.08MM 2POS125483 - Immediate
12500 - Factory Stock
1715010000CONN TERM BLOCK PCB 3.5MM 2POS124139 - Immediate
15300 - Factory Stock
1716030000CONN TERM BLOCK PCB 5.08MM 3POS136801 - Immediate
27500 - Factory Stock
1716070000CONN TERM BLOCK PCB 5.08MM 3POS132746 - Immediate
3000 - Factory Stock
1716090000CONN TERM BLK PCB 5.08MM 3POS OR131876 - Immediate
2500 - Factory Stock
1715050000CONN TERM BLOCK PCB 3.5MM 3POS138371 - Immediate
10200 - Factory Stock
999351CONN BLOCK TERM PCB 5.0MM 4POS142853 - Immediate
9993920000CONN BLOCK TERM PCB 5.08MM 4POS141735 - Immediate
3700 - Factory Stock
9994380000CONN BLOCK TERM PCB 5.08MM 8POS18732 - Immediate
600 - Factory Stock
9993960000CONN BLOCK TERM PCB 5.08MM 8POS18660 - Immediate
200 - Factory Stock
1720010000TERM BLOCK PCB 6POS 3.5MM BLACK23659 - Immediate
200 - Factory Stock
9994420000CONN BLOCK TERM PCB 5.08MM 12POS112232 - Immediate
650 - Factory Stock
996778CONN BLOCK TERM PCB 3.5MM 12POS1121066 - Immediate
1699670000CONN TERM BLOCK PCB 3.5MM 2POS123108 - Immediate
1900 - Factory Stock
1699680000CONN TERM BLOCK PCB 3.5MM 3POS131500 - Immediate
6500 - Factory Stock
9993940000CONN BLOCK TERM PCB 5.08MM 6POS16675 - Immediate
500 - Factory Stock
1720000000TERM BLOCK PCB 4POS 3.5MM BLACK22550 - Immediate
300 - Factory Stock
9993550000CONN BLOCK TERM PCB 5.0MM 8POS18259 - Immediate
999398CONN BLOCK TERM PCB 5.08MM 10POS110131 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
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Published: 2013-10-14