BC/SC Series

Weidmüller’s BC/SC series is available in 3.81 mm (0.150 inch) pitch

Image of Weidmuller's BC/SC SeriesThe BC/SC series offers peak performance for market-standardized connectors in 3.81 mm (0.15 inch) pitch. Weidmüller is establishing new standards on the market, with current-carrying capacity of 17.5 A at ambient temperatures up to 65° and the most comprehensive range of products available. This system features twice as much current-carrying capacity compared to similar products.

Additional Features:

  • A wider range of applications, The SCZ pin plug and BCL socket block make it possible to have inverted touch-safe outlets, board-to-board connections, or wire-to-wire couplings.
  • Higher component density, Weidmüller's innovative PUSH-IN connection system makes it possible to achieve a very-low component height.
Omnimate SC-SMT
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1862480000TERM BLOCK HDR 3POS R/A 3.81MM89 - Immediate
150 - Factory Stock
1862490000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS R/A 3.81MM34 - Immediate
1862550000TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS R/A 3.81MM50 - Immediate
1862950000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS VERT 3.81MM57 - Immediate
150 - Factory Stock
1863020000TERM BLOCK HDR 6POS VERT 3.81MM46 - Immediate
1862530000TERM BLOCK HDR 8POS R/A 3.81MM100 - Immediate
1862920000TERM BLOCK HDR 2POS VERT 3.81MM57 - Immediate
1862460000TERM BLOCK HDR 2POS R/A 3.81MM50 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
1862940000TERM BLOCK HDR 3POS VERT 3.81MM0
1977220000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS 3.81MM0
1036510000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS 3.81MM0
1862590000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS R/A 3.81MM0
1864090000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS VERT 3.81MM0
1862510000TERM BLOCK HDR 6POS R/A 3.81MM250 - Factory Stock
1863240000TERM BLOCK HDR 8POS VERT 3.81MM0
Omnimate SC
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1793610000TERM BLOCK HDR 2POS VERT 3.81MM1155 - Immediate
500 - Factory Stock
1793290000TERM BLOCK HDR 8POS R/A 3.81MM162 - Immediate
1793240000TERM BLOCK HDR 2POS R/A 3.81MM108 - Immediate
150 - Factory Stock
1793420000TERM BLOCK HDR 2POS R/A 3.81MM140 - Immediate
1793250000TERM BLOCK HDR 3POS R/A 3.81MM388 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
1793260000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS R/A 3.81MM154 - Immediate
1793440000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS R/A 3.81MM45 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
1793270000TERM BLOCK HDR 5POS R/A 3.81MM108 - Immediate
100 - Factory Stock
1793450000TERM BLOCK HDR 5POS R/A 3.81MM109 - Immediate
200 - Factory Stock
1793480000TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS R/A 3.81MM45 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
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Omnimate BCZ
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1793060000TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS STR 3.81MM755 - Immediate
100 - Factory Stock
1793110000TERM BLOCK PLUG 12POS STR 3.81MM29 - Immediate
100 - Factory Stock
1793040000TERM BLOCK PLUG 2POS STR 3.81MM498 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
1792880000TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS STR 3.81MM53 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
1793070000TERM BLOCK PLUG 5POS STR 3.81MM55 - Immediate
1793080000TERM BLOCK PLUG 6POS STR 3.81MM72 - Immediate
1792910000TERM BLOCK PLUG 8POS STR 3.81MM58 - Immediate
1100 - Factory Stock
1793090000TERM BLOCK PLUG 8POS STR 3.81MM57 - Immediate
1792920000TERM BLOCK PLUG 10POS STR 3.81MM33 - Immediate
100 - Factory Stock
1793100000TERM BLOCK PLUG 10POS STR 3.81MM59 - Immediate
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Published: 2013-10-15