B2L/S2L Series

3.50 mm pitch (0.138 inch) 2-row B2CF/S2C and B2L/S2L from Weidmüller

Image of Weidmuller's B2L/S2L SeriesMaximum connection density in the smallest of spaces, the 2-row B2CF from Weidmüller is the trend setter when connecting typical sensor cables of up to 1.5 mm² in the field. It bridges the gap between insufficient space and increased functionality. The result is a connectivity solution for standard industrial cables in 1.75 pitch that is 30% smaller than a similar solution in 2.5 pitch, and which features 100% of the ruggedness found in the 3.5 mm pitch.

Compact and Safe

  • A reliable wire connection method: No servicing required with PUSH IN
  • Safe male header: Finger-touch safe
  • A reliable connection for use under extreme conditions: Release latch
  • Future-proof: Halogen-free insulation materials
  • Reliable labeling: Large pin marker
  • Safe installation: Convenient coding


  • Efficiency – the highest density of components on the circuit board
  • Suitable for industrial use – minimum size with maximum strength
  • Process-optimized – automatic assembly and reflow soldering; rapid connections
  • Easy to use – secure attachment and wire connect with no tools required
  • Application-oriented: easy labeling and reliable coding despite compact dimensions
Omnimate B2L
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1727640000TERM BLOCK PLUG 6POS STR 3.5MM431 - Immediate
1044 - Factory Stock
1727650000TERM BLOCK PLUG 8POS STR 3.5MM620 - Immediate
1727690000TERM BLOCK PLUG 16POS STR 3.5MM221 - Immediate
1727660000TERM BLOCK PLUG 10POS STR 3.5MM1157 - Immediate
714 - Factory Stock
1727670000TERM BLOCK PLUG 12POS STR 3.5MM193 - Immediate
252 - Factory Stock
1727700000TERM BLOCK PLUG 18POS STR 3.5MM182 - Immediate
162 - Factory Stock
1748200000TERM BLOCK PLUG 12POS STR 3.5MM139 - Immediate
50 - Factory Stock
1748190000TERM BLOCK PLUG 10POS STR 3.5MM209 - Immediate
1008 - Factory Stock
1748220000TERM BLOCK PLUG 16POS STR 3.5MM185 - Immediate
96 - Factory Stock
1748240000TERM BLOCK PLUG 20POS STR 3.5MM153 - Immediate
1480 - Factory Stock
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Omnimate S2L
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1728000000TERM BLOCK HDR 8POS R/A 3.5MM543 - Immediate
1680 - Factory Stock
1728040000TERM BLOCK HDR 16POS R/A 3.5MM254 - Immediate
180 - Factory Stock
1728680000TERM BLOCK HDR 16POS R/A 3.5MM520 - Immediate
48 - Factory Stock
1729600000TERM BLOCK HDR 8POS VERT 3.5MM241 - Immediate
168 - Factory Stock
1728010000TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS R/A 3.5MM341 - Immediate
384 - Factory Stock
1728020000TERM BLOCK HDR 12POS R/A 3.5MM419 - Immediate
234 - Factory Stock
1728340000TERM BLOCK HDR 12POS R/A 3.5MM250 - Immediate
1728650000TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS R/A 3.5MM613 - Immediate
1729640000TERM BLOCK HDR 16POS VERT 3.5MM131 - Immediate
144 - Factory Stock
1729040000TERM BLOCK HDR 24POS VERT 3.5MM132 - Immediate
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Published: 2013-10-15