B2CF/S2C Series Terminal Blocks

The new generation of compact installations is Weidmuller’s B2CF/S2C portfolio

Image of Weidmuller's B2CF and S2C Series Terminal BlocksWeidmuller's B2CF and S2C Series terminal blocks are established standards for connecting signals and are leading the pack. Maximum connection density in the smallest of spaces, the 2-row B2CF is the trend setter when connecting typical sensor cables of up to 1.5 mm2 in the field. It bridges the gap between insufficient space and increased functionality.

The result is a connectivity solution for standard industrial cables in 1.75 mm pitch that is 30% smaller than a similar solution in 2.5 mm pitch – and which features 100% of the ruggedness found in the 3.5 mm pitch.

B2CF Series Features and Benefits

  • Push In Connection
    • Quick and safe wiring for both solid and stranded wires
  • Halogen free plastic
    • Minimizes any flammability risk and enhances the compact construction
  • Double density connection
    • Compact design to maximize the number of connections in the smallest amount of space
    • Up to 10% less space on the circuit board and up to 30% less on the front panel
  • Broad wire size compatibility
    • Suitable for wire from 0.14 mm2 to 1.50 mm2 even with wire-end ferrules

S2C Series Features and Benefits

  • Touch proof header with finger protection
    • Designed to protect the contact and user
  • High Temperature materials
    • Made from an LCP material that can be used in reflow soldering

Terminal Blocks

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
1278290000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 16POS STR 3.5MM1278290000TERM BLOCK PLUG 16POS STR 3.5MM371 - Immediate
54 - Factory Stock
1278290000 product page link
1277900000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 12POS STR 3.5MM1277900000TERM BLOCK PLUG 12POS STR 3.5MM271 - Immediate
264 - Factory Stock
1277900000 product page link
1290230000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 6POS VERT 3.5MM1290230000TERM BLOCK HDR 6POS VERT 3.5MM145 - Immediate
306 - Factory Stock
1290230000 product page link
1289490000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 12POS 90DEG 3.5MM1289490000TERM BLOCK HDR 12POS 90DEG 3.5MM150 - Immediate
264 - Factory Stock
1289490000 product page link
1277530000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 16POS STR 3.5MM1277530000TERM BLOCK PLUG 16POS STR 3.5MM106 - Immediate
1188 - Factory Stock
1277530000 product page link
1277920000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 16POS STR 3.5MM1277920000TERM BLOCK PLUG 16POS STR 3.5MM88 - Immediate
480 - Factory Stock
1277920000 product page link
1289470000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 8POS 90DEG 3.5MM1289470000TERM BLOCK HDR 8POS 90DEG 3.5MM75 - Immediate
1289470000 product page link
1289510000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 16POS 90DEG 3.5MM1289510000TERM BLOCK HDR 16POS 90DEG 3.5MM55 - Immediate
1289510000 product page link
1289270000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 6POS 90DEG 3.5MM1289270000TERM BLOCK HDR 6POS 90DEG 3.5MM46 - Immediate
1289270000 product page link
1289280000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 8POS 90DEG 3.5MM1289280000TERM BLOCK HDR 8POS 90DEG 3.5MM58 - Immediate
120 - Factory Stock
1289280000 product page link
1289480000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 10POS 90DEG 3.5MM1289480000TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS 90DEG 3.5MM37 - Immediate
1289480000 product page link
1289320000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 16POS 90DEG 3.5MM1289320000TERM BLOCK HDR 16POS 90DEG 3.5MM29 - Immediate
720 - Factory Stock
1289320000 product page link
1290330000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 24POS VERT 3.5MM1290330000TERM BLOCK HDR 24POS VERT 3.5MM26 - Immediate
1290330000 product page link
1277940000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK PLUG 20POS STR 3.5MM1277940000TERM BLOCK PLUG 20POS STR 3.5MM25 - Immediate
42 - Factory Stock
1277940000 product page link
1289340000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 20POS 90DEG 3.5MM1289340000TERM BLOCK HDR 20POS 90DEG 3.5MM11 - Immediate
1289340000 product page link
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Published: 2012-09-13