V Series High Speed DC/DC Converters

Kaga Electronics/Volgen high speed response, low noise, high output DC/DC converters

Image of Volgen/Kaga Electronics' V Series High Speed DC/DC ConvertersThe Kaga Electronics/Volgen V series of high grade POL DC/DC converters offers a selection of low noise, high speed, and high output voltage units ranging from 1.0 VDC to 2000 VDC output. The V series are feature packed including user adjustable output voltages, thin ultra-small casing (4 mm), isolated and non-isolated outputs, and ripple noise as low as 3 mVp-p.

Applications include, but are not limited to, medical equipment, information/ communication instruments, optical, measurement, and various industrial applications.


  • Adjustable outputs
  • Ultra thin, ultra small
  • Low noise
  • High speed response
  • Temperature range from -40°C to 85°C

V Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
VY05-12S12L datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 12V OUT 120MA 1.5WVY05-12S12LCONV DC/DC 12V OUT 120MA 1.5W147 - Immediate
VY05-12S12L product page link
VHV12-1.0K2000P datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 1000V 2WVHV12-1.0K2000PDC/DC CONVERTER 1000V 2W24 - Immediate
VHV12-1.0K2000P product page link
VHV12-470S06P datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 470V 2.6WVHV12-470S06PDC/DC CONVERTER 470V 2.6W24 - Immediate
VHV12-470S06P product page link
VSI-5.0S2R0FMA datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 5.0V OUT 2.0A 10WVSI-5.0S2R0FMACONV DC/DC 5.0V OUT 2.0A 10W19 - Immediate
VSI-5.0S2R0FMA product page link
VSI-3.3S2R0FMA datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3.3V OUT 2.0A 6.6WVSI-3.3S2R0FMACONV DC/DC 3.3V OUT 2.0A 6.6W13 - Immediate
VSI-3.3S2R0FMA product page link
VSA24-3.3S1R2 datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3.3V OUT 1.2A SIPVSA24-3.3S1R2CONV DC/DC 3.3V OUT 1.2A SIP0VSA24-3.3S1R2 product page link
VSA24-12S0R6 datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 12V OUT 0.55A SIPVSA24-12S0R6CONV DC/DC 12V OUT 0.55A SIP0VSA24-12S0R6 product page link
VUP-3.3S0R9 datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3.3V OUT 0.9A 3WVUP-3.3S0R9CONV DC/DC 3.3V OUT 0.9A 3W0VUP-3.3S0R9 product page link
VY05-05S30L datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 5V OUT 300MA 1.5WVY05-05S30LCONV DC/DC 5V OUT 300MA 1.5W0VY05-05S30L product page link
VSV-3.3S8ROM datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 3.3V OUT 8A 25WVSV-3.3S8ROMCONV DC/DC 3.3V OUT 8A 25W0VSV-3.3S8ROM product page link
VR05-1516LB datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 15V OUT 167MA 5WVR05-1516LBCONV DC/DC 15V OUT 167MA 5W0VR05-1516LB product page link
Published: 2012-06-29