PAT Series Thin Film Chip Resistors

Vishay's PAT series meets automotive industry requirements for temperature and humidity

Image of Vishay/Thin Film's PAT Series Thin Film Chip ResistorsVishay/Thin Film's PAT series of AEC-Q200-qualified precision automotive thin film chip resistors have an ESD rating of 2kV. Designed to meet automotive industry requirements for temperature and humidity while offering consistent repeatability and stable performance, the devices feature a low standard TCR of ±25ppm/°C and laser-trimmed tolerances down to ±0.1%.

Featuring a tantalum nitride resistor film on a high-purity alumina substrate, PAT resistors offer stable film and performance characteristics. The devices are optimized for hybrid/electronic controls, energy management, measurement, sensor scales, and stable fixed resistor applications in automotive electronics.

These resistors have wraparound terminations and are offered from Digi-Key in three case sizes: 0603, 0805, and 1206. The PAT series is offered with resistance ratings from 10Ω to 604kΩ with non-standard values available. The resistors feature very low noise of <-30dB, low voltage coefficients of <0.1ppm/V, and load-life stability of <0.05% at 2000 hours at +70°C. Power ratings for the series range from 150mW to 400mW, and voltage ratings are from 75V to 200V over an operating temperature range of -55°C to +150°C.

The PAT devices are resistant to moisture at +85°C, 85% relative humidity, and 10% rated power per MIL-STD-202, method 202. Available with lead (Pb)-free or lead terminations, the resistors are compliant with RoHS directive 2002/95/EC. The devices undergo a 100% visual inspection per MIL-PRF-55342.

Features Applications
  • Moisture-resistant tantalum nitride resistor film on high-purity alumina substrate
  • Stable film and performance characteristics: <0.05% at 2000 hours at 70°C
  • AEC-Q200 ESD-rated Class 1C (2 kV)
  • Resistance range: 10Ω to 604kΩ
  • TCR of ±25ppm/ºC
  • Tolerances to ±0.1%
  • Power rating to 1W
  • AEC-Q200 compliant
  • RoHS compliant
  • Automotive equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial equipment
  • Test and measurement equipment

PAT Series Thin Film Chip Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistance (Ohms)Available Quantity
PAT0603E4000BST1 datasheet linkRES SMD 400 OHM 0.1% 0.15W 0603PAT0603E4000BST1RES SMD 400 OHM 0.1% 0.15W 060340012817 - Immediate
PAT0603E4000BST1 product page link
PAT1206E10R0BST1 datasheet linkRES SMD 10 OHM 0.1% 0.4W 1206PAT1206E10R0BST1RES SMD 10 OHM 0.1% 0.4W 12061016455 - Immediate
PAT1206E10R0BST1 product page link
PAT0805E25R0BST1 datasheet linkRES SMD 25 OHM 0.1% 1/5W 0805PAT0805E25R0BST1RES SMD 25 OHM 0.1% 1/5W 0805255830 - Immediate
PAT0805E25R0BST1 product page link
PAT0603E1152BST1 datasheet linkRES SMD 11.5KOHM 0.1% 0.15W 0603PAT0603E1152BST1RES SMD 11.5KOHM 0.1% 0.15W 060311.5k4239 - Immediate
PAT0603E1152BST1 product page link
PAT0603E1332BST1 datasheet linkRES SMD 13.3KOHM 0.1% 0.15W 0603PAT0603E1332BST1RES SMD 13.3KOHM 0.1% 0.15W 060313.3k1929 - Immediate
PAT0603E1332BST1 product page link
PAT0603E2002BST1 datasheet linkRES SMD 20K OHM 0.1% 0.15W 0603PAT0603E2002BST1RES SMD 20K OHM 0.1% 0.15W 060320k1593 - Immediate
PAT0603E2002BST1 product page link
PAT0603E4751BST1 datasheet linkRES SMD 4.75KOHM 0.1% 0.15W 0603PAT0603E4751BST1RES SMD 4.75KOHM 0.1% 0.15W 06034.75k1143 - Immediate
PAT0603E4751BST1 product page link
PAT0603E6652BST1 datasheet linkRES SMD 66.5KOHM 0.1% 0.15W 0603PAT0603E6652BST1RES SMD 66.5KOHM 0.1% 0.15W 060366.5k1086 - Immediate
PAT0603E6652BST1 product page link
PAT0603E1001BST1 datasheet linkRES SMD 1K OHM 0.1% 0.15W 0603PAT0603E1001BST1RES SMD 1K OHM 0.1% 0.15W 06031k607 - Immediate
PAT0603E1001BST1 product page link
PAT0603E3012BST1 datasheet linkRES SMD 30.1KOHM 0.1% 0.15W 0603PAT0603E3012BST1RES SMD 30.1KOHM 0.1% 0.15W 060330.1k0PAT0603E3012BST1 product page link
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Published: 2013-10-07