RTO Power Thick Film Resistors

Vishay's 20 W and 50 W resistors with wide resistance range of 0.01 Ω to 1 MΩ

Image of Vishay/Sfernice's RTO Power Thick Film Resistors 20 W and 50 WVishay’s RTO thick film power resistors feature a compact, easy-to-mount TO-220 package, which measures just 10.1 mm by 15 mm and, when mounted on a heatsink, provides a high power-dissipation-to-size ratio that enables high power ratings of 20 W and 50 W.

A special manufacturing technique includes ohmic adjustment through sand trimming, a process that avoids the generation of hot spots – such as those caused by laser trimming – and therefore reduces the risk of microcracks on each side of the curve. The resulting resistor features high reliability and stability while also providing good overload capability.

  • TO-220 package: Compact and easy to mount
  • 20 W and 50 W power ratings available with through-hole or SMD versions
  • Broad resistance range: 0.01 Ω to 1 MΩ
  • Low thermal resistance down to 2.6°C/W
  • Non-inductive element

  • Industrial and medical power supplies
  • Test equipment
  • Power conversion
  • Current sensing
  • Snubbers

RTO 20 - 20 W Power Thick Film Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistance (Ohms)ToleranceAvailable Quantity
RTO020F470R0JTE3 datasheet linkRES 470 OHM 20W 5% TO220RTO020F470R0JTE3RES 470 OHM 20W 5% TO220470±5%1145 - Immediate
RTO020F470R0JTE3 product page link
RTO020F22R00JTE3 datasheet linkRES 22 OHM 20W 5% TO220RTO020F22R00JTE3RES 22 OHM 20W 5% TO22022±5%107 - Immediate
RTO020F22R00JTE3 product page link
RTO020F4R700JTE3 datasheet linkRES 4.7 OHM 20W 5% TO220RTO020F4R700JTE3RES 4.7 OHM 20W 5% TO2204.7±5%1500 - Immediate
RTO020F4R700JTE3 product page link
RTO020F56R00JTE3 datasheet linkRES 56 OHM 20W 5% TO220RTO020F56R00JTE3RES 56 OHM 20W 5% TO22056±5%400 - Immediate
RTO020F56R00JTE3 product page link
RTO020F100R0JTE3 datasheet linkRES 100 OHM 20W 5% TO220RTO020F100R0JTE3RES 100 OHM 20W 5% TO220100±5%288 - Immediate
RTO020F100R0JTE3 product page link
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RTO 50 - 50 W Power Thick Film Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistance (Ohms)ToleranceAvailable Quantity
RTO050F15R00JTE1 datasheet linkRES 15 OHM 50W 5% TO220RTO050F15R00JTE1RES 15 OHM 50W 5% TO22015±5%818 - Immediate
RTO050F15R00JTE1 product page link
RTO050F3R900JTE1 datasheet linkRES 3.9 OHM 50W 5% TO220RTO050F3R900JTE1RES 3.9 OHM 50W 5% TO2203.9±5%406 - Immediate
RTO050F3R900JTE1 product page link
RTO050F12R00JTE1 datasheet linkRES 12 OHM 50W 5% TO220RTO050F12R00JTE1RES 12 OHM 50W 5% TO22012±5%540 - Immediate
RTO050F12R00JTE1 product page link
RTO050F330R0JTE1 datasheet linkRES 330 OHM 50W 5% TO220RTO050F330R0JTE1RES 330 OHM 50W 5% TO220330±5%322 - Immediate
RTO050F330R0JTE1 product page link
RTO050F100R0JTE1 datasheet linkRES 100 OHM 50W 5% TO220RTO050F100R0JTE1RES 100 OHM 50W 5% TO220100±5%312 - Immediate
RTO050F100R0JTE1 product page link
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Published: 2009-06-01