P16 Knob Potentiometer, 16 mm Diameter

Vishay's compact assembly for professional & industrial applications

Sfernice's P16 Knob Potentiometer, 16 mm diameterVishay's P16 is a revolutionary concept in panel mounted potentiometers. This unique design consists of a knob driving and incorporating a cermet potentiometer. Only the mounting hardware and terminals are situated on the back side of the panel, reducing to a minimum the required clearance. The power rating for the P16 is 1 W at 40°C, with a high dielectric strength of 25 kV and a resistance range up to 2.2 MΩ. Several device options are available, including metallic or plastic knobs, cermet or conductive plastic, and a special version, PA16, for audio applications.

Features Applications
  • 1 W at 40°C
  • Compact (integrated)
  • Minimum clearance required
  • Safety in use due to good insulation: > 104 MΩ 500 VDC
  • High dielectric strength: 2500 VRMS
  • Fully sealed and panel sealed
  • Medical equipment
  • Goggles
  • Telecom
  • Military
  • Life cycles – 50,000
  • Size – 16 mm diameter (including knob)
  • Mounting – PCB/cabling
  • Technology – Cermet
  • Temperature range– -40°C to +125°C
  • Shaft material – Plastic/metal knob
  • Resistance range – 22 Ω to 10 MΩ
  • Variation laws – Linear/nonlinear
  • Power rating – 1 W
  • Standard tolerances – 20%

P16 Knob Potentiometer 16 mm diameter

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTaperResistance (Ohms)Available Quantity
P16NP103MAB15 datasheet linkPOT 10K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARP16NP103MAB15POT 10K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARLinear10k3321 - Immediate
P16NP103MAB15 product page link
P16NP102MAB15 datasheet linkPOT 1K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARP16NP102MAB15POT 1K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARLinear1k2181 - Immediate
P16NP102MAB15 product page link
P16NP101MAB15 datasheet linkPOT 100 OHM 1W CERMET LINEARP16NP101MAB15POT 100 OHM 1W CERMET LINEARLinear1001157 - Immediate
P16NP101MAB15 product page link
P16NP223MAB15 datasheet linkPOT 22K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARP16NP223MAB15POT 22K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARLinear22k499 - Immediate
P16NP223MAB15 product page link
P16NP473MAB15 datasheet linkPOT 47K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARP16NP473MAB15POT 47K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARLinear47k242 - Immediate
P16NP473MAB15 product page link
P16NP471MAB15 datasheet linkPOT 470 OHM 1W CERMET LINEARP16NP471MAB15POT 470 OHM 1W CERMET LINEARLinear470393 - Immediate
P16NP471MAB15 product page link
P16NP104MAB15 datasheet linkPOT 100K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARP16NP104MAB15POT 100K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARLinear100k0P16NP104MAB15 product page link
P16NP474MAB15 datasheet linkPOT 470K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARP16NP474MAB15POT 470K OHM 1W CERMET LINEARLinear470k20 - Immediate
P16NP474MAB15 product page link
Published: 2009-06-01