PTS Platinum SMD Flat Chip Temperature Sensors

Vishay's PTS AT temperature sensors are suitable for processing on automatic SMD assembly systems

Image of Vishay's PTS Temp SensorsVishay's PTS AT SMD flat chip temperature sensors are the perfect choice for temperature control of electronics operating under varying environmental conditions. The highly controlled platinum thin film manufacturing process guarantees an outstanding stability of temperature characteristics which ensures reliable operation even under harsh conditions. Typical applications include automotive, aviation and industrial electronics.

PTS AT temperature sensors, available in case sizes 0603, 0805, and 1206, offer precise temperature measurements over a wide temperature range. PTS characteristics remain stable over time due to its thin film technology where a homogeneous film of platinum is deposited on a high grade ceramic body. Terminations for the PTS are pure matte tin on nickel plating, with proven immunity of the plating to tin whisker growth under extensive testing. PTS sensors support lead (Pb)-free soldering and are suitable for processing on automatic SMD assembly systems in large-scale applications using wave, reflow, or vapor phase processes. A special coating protects the sensor element against electrical, mechanical, and climatic impacts. The sensors comply with the CEFIC-EECA-EICTA list of legal restrictions on hazardous substances and are tested in accordance with IEC 60751 and IEC 60068. The PTS AT sensors are qualified accordingly to AEC-Q200.

Features and Benefits Applications
  • Extended operating temperature range −55°C up to +175°C
  • Outstanding stability of temperature characteristic of < ±0.1% between −55°C up to +155°C
  • Offered in standard resistance values of 100 Ω, 500 Ω, and 1 KΩ
  • Linear temperature characteristic of +3850 ppm/K
  • Feature F0.3 (1B) and F0.6 (2B) tolerance classes
  • Short reaction times of ≤ 5 seconds (in air)
  • Automotive systems
  • Industrial electronics
  • Process and Automation Technologies
  • Aviation systems

PTS Platinum SMD Flat Chip Temperature Sensors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
PTS060301B100RP100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 0603PTS060301B100RP100TEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 060311288 - Immediate
PTS060301B100RP100 product page link
PTS120601B1K00P100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 1.0K OHM 1206PTS120601B1K00P100TEMP SENSOR RTD 1.0K OHM 12062823 - Immediate
PTS120601B1K00P100 product page link
PTS1206M1B1K00P100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 1K OHM 1206PTS1206M1B1K00P100TEMP SENSOR RTD 1K OHM 12062493 - Immediate
PTS1206M1B1K00P100 product page link
PTS1206M1B100RP100 datasheet linkPLATINUM THIN FILM SMD 1206 SENSPTS1206M1B100RP100PLATINUM THIN FILM SMD 1206 SENS1580 - Immediate
PTS1206M1B100RP100 product page link
PTS1206M1B500RP100 datasheet linkPLATINUM THIN FILM SMD 1206 SENSPTS1206M1B500RP100PLATINUM THIN FILM SMD 1206 SENS1898 - Immediate
PTS1206M1B500RP100 product page link
PTS0603M1B100RP100 datasheet linkPLATINUM THIN FILM SMD 0603 SENSPTS0603M1B100RP100PLATINUM THIN FILM SMD 0603 SENS1263 - Immediate
PTS0603M1B100RP100 product page link
PTS080501B500RP100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 500 OHM 0805PTS080501B500RP100TEMP SENSOR RTD 500 OHM 08051403 - Immediate
PTS080501B500RP100 product page link
PTS0805M1B500RP100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 500 OHM 0805PTS0805M1B500RP100TEMP SENSOR RTD 500 OHM 0805304 - Immediate
PTS0805M1B500RP100 product page link
PTS120601B100RP100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 1206PTS120601B100RP100TEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 1206863 - Immediate
PTS120601B100RP100 product page link
PTS080501B100RP100 datasheet linkTEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 0805PTS080501B100RP100TEMP SENSOR RTD 100 OHM 08050PTS080501B100RP100 product page link
PTS0805M1B100RP100 datasheet linkPLATINUM THIN FILM SMD 0805 SENSPTS0805M1B100RP100PLATINUM THIN FILM SMD 0805 SENS0PTS0805M1B100RP100 product page link
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Published: 2015-09-03