Picor Cool-Power®
ZVS Buck Regulator Reduced switching losses enable up to 98% peak efficiency
and high frequency operation up to 36 Vin

Vicor's PI33XX Cool-Power® ZVS Buck Regulator series are high efficiency, wide input range DC-DC ZVS-Buck regulators. Integrating controller, power switches, and support components all within a high density, low profile System-in-Package (SiP). The PI33XX requires only an external inductor and minimal capacitors to form a complete DC-DC switching mode buck regulator. With its high switching frequency operation, it reduces the size of the external filtering components, improves power density, and enables fast dynamic response to line and load transients.


  • Wide operating range
    • 12 Vin optimized (8 to 18 V) and Wide Vin (8 – 36 V)
    • -Wide Vout (1 – 16 V)
    • -40°C to 125°C operating range
  • Simple to use; Fast Development Time
    • Few external components
    • No additional design or additional settings required
    • Internal compensation
  • High Efficiency
    • 95.1% peak 36 Vin to 12 Vout
    • 96.5% peak 24 Vin to 12 Vout
    • 95.5% peak 12 Vin to 5 Vout
    • Light load and full load high efficiency performance
  • Common high density packaging platform
    • 10 x 14 mm SiP Land Grid Array Packaging
  • SYNCI pin polarity, and phase delay
    • I2C™ Vout margining tool (reduces development time)
    • Optional I2C fault reporting
  • Flexible and rich feature Set
    • Paralleling and single wire current sharing
    • Frequency sync, interleaving up to 3 regulators
    • Programmable soft-start & tracking
    • Power-up into pre-biased load
    • Programmable Enable pin polarity
Vicor Cool Power Schematic


Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Order Online
1102-1502-ND PI3311-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK SYNC 36VIN/1VOUT 10A Buy Now
1102-1541-ND PI3318-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 1.8V 10A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1503-ND PI3312-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK SYNC 36VIN/2.5VOUT 10A Buy Now
1102-1505-ND PI3301-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK SYNC 36VIN/3.3VOUT 10A Buy Now
1102-1506-ND PI3302-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK SYNC 36VIN/5VOUT 10A Buy Now
1102-1501-ND PI3303-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK SYNC 36VIN/12VOUT 8A Buy Now
1102-1504-ND PI3305-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK SYNC 36VIN/15VOUT 8A Buy Now
Higher Current Versions
1102-1529-ND PI3311-01-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 1V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1543-ND PI3318-01-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 1.8V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1535-ND PI3312-01-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 2.5V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1517-ND PI3301-01-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 1.8V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
I2C Interface Option
1102-1531-ND PI3311-20-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 1V 10A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1545-ND PI3318-20-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 1.8V 10A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1537-ND PI3312-20-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 2.5V 10A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1519-ND PI3301-20-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 3.3V 10A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1523-ND PI3302-20-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 5V 10A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1525-ND PI3303-20-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 12V 8A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1527-ND PI3305-20-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 15V 8A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1533-ND PI3311-21-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 1V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1547-ND PI3318-21-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 1.8V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1539-ND PI3312-21-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 2.5V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1521-ND PI3301-21-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 3.3V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
12 V Optimized Option
1102-1645-ND PI3420-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 1V 15A 123-LGA15A Buy Now
1102-1644-ND PI3421-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 1.8V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1643-ND PI3422-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 2.5V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1642-ND PI3423-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 3.3V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now
1102-1641-ND PI3424-00-LGIZ IC REG BUCK 5V 15A 123-LGA Buy Now

Evaluation Boards

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Order Online
1102-1512-ND PI3311-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3311-00 Buy Now
1102-1540-ND PI3318-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3318-00 Buy Now
1102-1511-ND PI3312-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3312-00 Buy Now
1102-1510-ND PI3301-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3301-00 Buy Now
1102-1509-ND PI3302-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3302-00 Buy Now
1102-1508-ND PI3303-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3303-00 Buy Now
1102-1507-ND PI3305-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3305-00 Buy Now
Higher Current Versions
1102-1528-ND PI3311-01-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3311-01 Buy Now
1102-1542-ND PI3318-01-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3318-01 Buy Now
1102-1534-ND PI3312-01-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3312-01 Buy Now
1102-1516-ND PI3301-01-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3301-01 Buy Now
I2C Interface Option
1102-1530-ND PI3311-20-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3311-20 Buy Now
1102-1544-ND PI3318-20-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3318-20 Buy Now
1102-1536-ND PI3312-20-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3312-20 Buy Now
1102-1518-ND PI3301-20-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3301-20 Buy Now
1102-1522-ND PI3302-20-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3302-20 Buy Now
1102-1524-ND PI3303-20-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3303-20 Buy Now
1102-1526-ND PI3305-20-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3305-20 Buy Now
1102-1532-ND PI3311-21-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3311-21 Buy Now
1102-1546-ND PI3318-21-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3318-21 Buy Now
1102-1538-ND PI3312-21-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3312-21 Buy Now
1102-1520-ND PI3301-21-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3301-21 Buy Now
12 V Optimized Option
1102-1636-ND PI3422-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3422-00 Buy Now