Easy, Efficient and Scalable Vicor Cool-Power® ZVS Buck Regulators

Vicor's PI354x Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators utilize the integration of a high performance ZVS topology that enables 48 V direct to PoL without sacrificing performance. With step-down regulation from a higher voltage source, engineers can deploy more efficient power distribution architectures, reduce I2R losses, and eliminate costly and inefficient intermediate conversion stages.

  • PI354x series operates from 36 Vin to 60 Vin
  • Regulates an output voltage ranging from 2.2 V to 14 V, with output current delivery up to 10 A
  • Power delivery can be further increased by using single wire current sharing without any additional components

The PI354x Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators are designed for a wide range of applications leveraging higher voltage distribution, including: telecom, network infrastructure, datacenters, industrial, battery, and lighting applications.


  • Able to convert from 48 V directly to point of load
  • Parallel capable with either single wire current sharing or phase delayed interleaving
  • Requires only minimal external components, and no external compensation required
  • Capable of delivering up to 10 A with peak efficiency greater than 96%
  • Compact 10 x10 x 2.5 mm thermally adept SMT package
Vicor Cool Power Schematic


  • Can eliminate a conversion stage, increasing efficiency, while reducing size and cost
  • Enables scalability for higher power
  • Easy to use
  • Power rating compatible with isolated DC-DC converters with higher efficiency
  • Saves space and lower profile; no heat sink required


Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
48 V Nominal Input Buck Regulators
1102-5472-ND PI3542-00-LGIZ DC/DC CONVERTER 2.5V 10A View 1102-5472-ND
1102-5473-ND PI3543-00-LGIZ DC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 10A View 1102-5473-ND
1102-5474-ND PI3545-00-LGIZ DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 10A View 1102-5474-ND
1102-5475-ND PI3546-00-LGIZ DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 9A View 1102-5475-ND
ZVS Buck-Boost Regulator
1102-5404-ND PI3749-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 34V 200W View 1102-5404-ND
ZVS Buck Regulators
1102-1505-ND PI3301-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 10A View 1102-1505-ND
1102-1517-ND PI3301-01-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 15A View 1102-1517-ND
1102-1519-ND PI3301-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 10A View 1102-1519-ND
1102-1521-ND PI3301-21-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 15A View 1102-1521-ND
1102-1506-ND PI3302-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 5V 10A View 1102-1506-ND
1102-1523-ND PI3302-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 5V 10A View 1102-1523-ND
1102-1501-ND PI3303-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 12V 8A View 1102-1501-ND
1102-1525-ND PI3303-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 12V 8A View 1102-1525-ND
1102-1504-ND PI3305-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 15V 8A View 1102-1504-ND
1102-1527-ND PI3305-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 15V 8A View 1102-1527-ND
1102-1502-ND PI3311-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 10A View 1102-1502-ND
1102-1529-ND PI3311-01-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 15A View 1102-1529-ND
1102-1531-ND PI3311-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 10A View 1102-1531-ND
1102-1533-ND PI3311-21-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 15A View 1102-1533-ND
1102-1503-ND PI3312-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 2.5V 10A View 1102-1503-ND

Evaluation Boards

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
48 V Nominal Input Buck Regulators
1102-5476-ND PI3542-00-EVAL1 EVAL BOARD FOR PI3542-00-LGIZ View 1102-5476-ND
1102-5477-ND PI3543-00-EVAL1 EVAL BOARD FOR PI3543-00-LGIZ View 1102-5477-ND
1102-5478-ND PI3545-00-EVAL1 EVAL BOARD FOR PI3545-00-LGIZ View 1102-5478-ND
1102-5479-ND PI3546-00-EVAL1 EVAL BOARD FOR PI3546-00-LGIZ View 1102-5479-ND
ZVS Buck-Boost Regulator
1102-5405-ND PI3749-00-EVAL1 PICOR COOL-POWER EVAL BD View 1102-5405-ND
ZVS Buck Regulators
1102-1510-ND PI3301-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3301-00 View 1102-1510-ND
1102-1516-ND PI3301-01-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3301-01 View 1102-1516-ND
1102-1518-ND PI3301-20-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3301-20 View 1102-1518-ND
1102-1520-ND PI3301-21-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3301-21 View 1102-1520-ND
1102-1509-ND PI3302-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3302-00 View 1102-1509-ND
1102-1522-ND PI3302-20-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3302-20 View 1102-1522-ND
1102-1508-ND PI3303-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3303-00 View 1102-1508-ND
1102-1524-ND PI3303-20-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3303-20 View 1102-1524-ND
1102-1507-ND PI3305-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3305-00 View 1102-1507-ND
1102-1526-ND PI3305-20-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3305-20 View 1102-1526-ND
1102-1512-ND PI3311-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3311-00 View 1102-1512-ND
1102-1528-ND PI3311-01-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3311-01 View 1102-1528-ND
1102-1530-ND PI3311-20-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3311-20 View 1102-1530-ND
1102-1532-ND PI3311-21-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3311-21 View 1102-1532-ND
1102-1511-ND PI3312-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3312-00 View 1102-1511-ND
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