Increasing Point of Load Performance
Providing Best in Class Power Efficiency Cool-Power® ZVS Regulator Portfolio

DC-DC Non-Isolated Regulated

Vicor's range of buck and buck-boost DC-DC converters use a Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) topology, enabling high frequency operation while minimizing switching losses and maximizing efficiency. The high switching frequency operation reduces the size of the external filtering components, improves power density, and enables fast dynamic response to line and load transients.

Cool-Power® ZVS Buck Switching Regulators Cool-Power® ZVS Buck-Boost Switching Regulators
Input 12 VIN nominal (8 – 18 VIN)
24 VIN nominal (8 – 36 VIN
48 VIN nominal (34 – 60 VIN)
Input 16 – 34 V
21 – 60 V
Output Wide output range (1 – 16 V) Output 12 – 34 V
21 – 36 V
36 – 54 V
Power 8 , 9, 10, and 15 A versions Power 240 W continuous
Efficiency Up to 96.5% Light load and full
load high efficiency performance
Efficiency Up to 98%
Dimensions LGA SiP
10 x 14 x 2.56 mm
10 x 10 x 2.56 mm
Dimensions LGA SiP
10 x 14 x 2.56 mm


  • Able to convert from 48 V directly to point of load
  • Parallel capable with either single wire current sharing or phase delayed interleaving
  • Requires only minimal external components, and no external compensation required
  • Capable of delivering up to 10 A with peak efficiency greater than 96%
  • Compact 10 x10 x 2.5 mm thermally adept SMT package
  • Wide Operating Range
  • Simple to Use; Fast Development Time
Vicor Cool Power Schematic


  • Can eliminate a conversion stage, increasing efficiency, while reducing size and cost
  • Enables scalability for higher power
  • Easy to use
  • Power rating compatible with isolated DC-DC converters with higher efficiency
  • Saves space and lower profile; no heat sink required
  • High Efficiency
  • Flexible and Rich Feature Set


  Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
48 V Nominal Input Buck Regulators
1102-5472-ND 1102-5472-ND PI3542-00-LGIZ DC/DC CONVERTER 2.5V 10A 1102-5472-ND Product Page
1102-5473-ND 1102-5473-ND PI3543-00-LGIZ DC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 10A 1102-5473-ND Product Page
1102-5474-ND< 1102-5474-ND PI3545-00-LGIZ DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 10A 1102-5474-ND Product Page
1102-5475-ND 1102-5475-ND PI3546-00-LGIZ DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 9A 1102-5475-ND Product Page
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24/48 V Nominal Input Buck-Boost Regulator
1102-5521-ND 1102-5521-ND PI3741-00-LGIZ COOL-POWER 48/24V 150W BUCK-BOOS 1102-5521-ND Product Page
1102-5522-ND 1102-5522-ND PI3741-01-LGIZ COOL-POWER 48/48V 150W BUCK-BOOS 1102-5522-ND Product Page
1102-5404-ND< 1102-5404-ND PI3749-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 34V 200W 1102-5404-ND Product Page
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24 V Nominal Buck Regulators
1102-1505-ND 1102-1505-ND PI3301-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 10A 1102-1505-ND Product Page
1102-1517-ND 1102-1517-ND PI3301-01-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 15A 1102-1517-ND Product Page
1102-1519-ND 1102-1519-ND PI3301-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 10A 1102-1519-ND Product Page
1102-1521-ND 1102-1521-ND PI3301-21-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 15A 1102-1521-ND Product Page
1102-1506-ND 1102-1506-ND PI3302-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 5V 10A 1102-1506-ND Product Page
PI3302-03-LGIZ-ND PI3302-03-LGIZ-ND PI3302-03-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD PI3302-03-LGIZ-ND Product Page
1102-1523-ND 1102-1523-ND PI3302-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 5V 10A 1102-1523-ND Product Page
1102-1501-ND 1102-1501-ND PI3303-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 12V 8A 1102-1501-ND Product Page
1102-1525-ND 1102-1525-ND PI3303-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 12V 8A 1102-1525-ND Product Page
1102-1504-ND 1102-1504-ND PI3305-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 15V 8A 1102-1504-ND Product Page
1102-1527-ND 1102-1527-ND PI3305-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 15V 8A 1102-1527-ND Product Page
1102-1502-ND 1102-1502-ND PI3311-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 10A 1102-1502-ND Product Page
1102-1529-ND 1102-1529-ND PI3311-01-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 15A 1102-1529-ND Product Page
1102-1531-ND 1102-1531-ND PI3311-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 10A 1102-1531-ND Product Page
1102-1533-ND 1102-1533-ND PI3311-21-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 15A 1102-1533-ND Product Page
1102-1503-ND 1102-1503-ND PI3312-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 2.5V 10A 1102-1503-ND Product Page
1102-1535-ND 1102-1535-ND PI3312-01-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 2.5V 15A 1102-1535-ND Product Page
1102-1537-ND 1102-1537-ND PI3312-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 2.5V 10A 1102-1537-ND Product Page
1102-1539-ND 1102-1539-ND PI3312-21-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 2.5V 15A 1102-1539-ND Product Page
1102-1541-ND 1102-1541-ND PI3318-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1.8V 10A 1102-1541-ND Product Page
1102-1543-ND 1102-1543-ND PI3318-01-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1.8V 15A 1102-1543-ND Product Page
1102-1545-ND 1102-1545-ND PI3318-20-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1.8V 10A 1102-1545-ND Product Page
1102-1547-ND 1102-1547-ND PI3318-21-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1.8V 15A 1102-1547-ND Product Page
1102-1645-ND 1102-1645-ND PI3420-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1V 15A 1102-1645-ND Product Page
1102-1644-ND 1102-1644-ND PI3421-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 1.8V 15A 1102-1644-ND Product Page
1102-1643-ND 1102-1643-ND PI3422-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 2.5V 15A 1102-1643-ND Product Page
1102-1642-ND 1102-1642-ND PI3423-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 3.3V 15A 1102-1642-ND Product Page
1102-1641-ND 1102-1641-ND PI3424-00-LGIZ NON-ISOLATED POL MOD 5V 15A 1102-1641-ND Product Page
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Evaluation Boards

  Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
48 V Nominal Input Buck Regulators
1102-5476-ND 1102-5476-ND PI3542-00-EVAL1 EVAL BOARD FOR PI3542-00-LGIZ 1102-5476-ND Product Page
1102-5477-ND 1102-5477-ND PI3543-00-EVAL1 EVAL BOARD FOR PI3543-00-LGIZ 1102-5477-ND Product Page
1102-5478-ND 1102-5478-ND PI3545-00-EVAL1 EVAL BOARD FOR PI3545-00-LGIZ 1102-5478-ND Product Page
1102-5479-ND 1102-5479-ND PI3546-00-EVAL1 EVAL BOARD FOR PI3546-00-LGIZ 1102-5479-ND Product Page
1102-5523-ND 1102-5523-ND PI3741-00-EVAL1 EVAL BOARD FOR PI3741-00-LGIZ 1102-5523-ND Product Page
1102-5524-ND 1102-5524-ND PI3741-00-EVAL1 EVAL BOARD FOR PI3741-01-LGIZ 1102-5524-ND Product Page
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ZVS Buck-Boost Regulator
1102-5405-ND 1102-5405-ND PI3749-00-EVAL1 PICOR COOL-POWER EVAL BD 1102-5405-ND Product Page
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ZVS Buck Regulators
1102-1510-ND 1102-1510-ND PI3301-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3301-00 1102-1510-ND Product Page
1102-1516-ND 1102-1516-ND PI3301-01-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3301-01 1102-1516-ND Product Page
1102-1518-ND 1102-1518-ND PI3301-20-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3301-20 1102-1518-ND Product Page
1102-1520-ND 1102-1520-ND PI3301-21-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3301-21 1102-1520-ND Product Page
1102-1509-ND 1102-1509-ND PI3302-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3302-00 1102-1509-ND Product Page
PI3302-03-EVAL1-ND PI3302-03-EVAL1-ND PI3302-03-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3302-03 PI3302-03-EVAL1-ND Product Page
1102-1522-ND 1102-1522-ND PI3302-20-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3302-20 1102-1522-ND Product Page
1102-1508-ND 1102-1508-ND PI3303-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3303-00 1102-1508-ND Product Page
1102-1524-ND 1102-1524-ND PI3303-20-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3303-20 1102-1524-ND Product Page
1102-1507-ND 1102-1507-ND PI3305-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3305-00 1102-1507-ND Product Page
1102-1526-ND 1102-1526-ND PI3305-20-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3305-20 1102-1526-ND Product Page
1102-1512-ND 1102-1512-ND PI3311-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3311-00 1102-1512-ND Product Page
1102-1528-ND 1102-1528-ND PI3311-01-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3311-01 1102-1528-ND Product Page
1102-1530-ND 1102-1530-ND PI3311-20-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3311-20 1102-1530-ND Product Page
1102-1532-ND 1102-1532-ND PI3311-21-EVAL1 EVAL BD PI3311-21 1102-1532-ND Product Page
1102-1511-ND 1102-1511-ND PI3312-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3312-00 1102-1511-ND Product Page
1102-1534-ND 1102-1534-ND PI3312-01-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3312-01 1102-1534-ND Product Page
1102-1536-ND 1102-1536-ND PI3312-20-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3312-20 1102-1536-ND Product Page
1102-1538-ND 1102-1538-ND PI3312-21-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3312-21 1102-1538-ND Product Page
1102-1540-ND 1102-1540-ND PI3318-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3318-00 1102-1540-ND Product Page
1102-1542-ND 1102-1542-ND PI3318-01-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3318-01 1102-1542-ND Product Page
1102-1544-ND 1102-1544-ND PI3318-20-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3318-20 1102-1544-ND Product Page
1102-1546-ND 1102-1546-ND PI3318-21-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3318-21 1102-1546-ND Product Page
1102-1638-ND 1102-1638-ND PI3420-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3424-00 1102-1638-ND Product Page
1102-1637-ND 1102-1637-ND PI3421-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3421-00 1102-1637-ND Product Page
1102-1636-ND 1102-1636-ND PI3422-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3422-00 1102-1636-ND Product Page
1102-1640-ND 1102-1640-ND PI3423-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3423-00 1102-1640-ND Product Page
1102-1639-ND 1102-1639-ND PI3424-00-EVAL1 PICOR EVAL BD PI3424-00 1102-1639-ND Product Page
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