IBC Module Series

Efficient, low-profile, isolated, fixed ratio converter from Vicor

Image of Vicor's IBC Module SeriesVicor’s Intermediate Bus Converter (IBC) Module is a very efficient, low profile, isolated, fixed ratio converter for power system applications in enterprise and optical access networks.

Rated at up to 480 W from 38 VIN and up to 650 W from 50 to 55 VIN, the IBC conforms to an industry standard quarter-brick footprint while supplying power greatly exceeding competitive quarter-bricks. Its leading efficiency enables full load operation at 55°C with only 200 LFM airflow. Its small cross section facilitates unimpeded airflow - above and below its thin body - to minimize the temperature rise of downstream components.

  • Input: 38 – 55 VDC
  • Output: 12 VDC at 48 VIN
  • Output current: up to 53 A
  • Output power: up to 650 W
  • 1,500 VDC isolation
  • 97.8% peak efficiency
  • Low profile: 0.42" height above board
  • Industry standard 1/4 Brick pinout
  • Sine amplitude converter
  • Low noise 1 MHz ZVS/ZCS

IBC Module Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
IBC MODULE 12VDC 32A 300WIB050E120T32N1-00IBC MODULE 12VDC 32A 300W18 - Immediate
IB050E120T32N1-00 product page link
IBC MODULE 9.6VDC 48A 500WIB050E096T48N1-00IBC MODULE 9.6VDC 48A 500W10 - Immediate
IB050E096T48N1-00 product page link
IBC MODULE 12VDC 53A 650WIB050Q120T53N1-00IBC MODULE 12VDC 53A 650W4 - Immediate
IB050Q120T53N1-00 product page link
IBC MODULE 9.6VDC 40A 300WIB050E096T40N1-00IBC MODULE 9.6VDC 40A 300W11 - Immediate
IB050E096T40N1-00 product page link
IBC MODULE 12VDC 40A 500WIB050E120T40N1-00IBC MODULE 12VDC 40A 500W6 - Immediate
IB050E120T40N1-00 product page link
IBC MODULE 9.6VDC 70A 750WIB050Q096T70N1-00IBC MODULE 9.6VDC 70A 750W4 - Immediate
IB050Q096T70N1-00 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29