BCM Series BUS Converters

High efficiency narrow input range Sine Amplitude Converter from Vicor

Image of Vicor's BCM Series BUS ConvertersVicor's VI Chip bus converter is a high efficiency (>95%), narrow input range Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC™) operating from a 360 to 400 VDC primary bus to deliver an isolated low voltage secondary (ELV). The off-line BCM provides an isolated 11.3 -12.5 V distribution bus and is ideal for use in silver boxes and PFC front ends. Due to the fast response time and low noise of the BCM, the need for limited life aluminum electrolytic or tantalum capacitors at the input of POL converters is reduced—or eliminated—resulting in savings of board area, materials and total system cost.

The BCM achieves a power density of 1017 W/in³ in a VI Chip package compatible with standard pick-and-place and surface mount assembly processes. The VI Chip package provides flexible thermal management through its low junction-to-case and junction-to-board thermal resistance. Owing to its high conversion efficiency and safe operating temperature range, the BCM does not require a discrete heat sink in typical applications. Low junction-to-case and junction-to-lead thermal impedances assure low junction temperatures and long life in the harshest environments.

  • 384V to 12 V VI Chip™ Converter
  • 300 Watt (450 Watt for 1 ms)
  • High density – up to 1017 W/in³
  • Small footprint – 260 W/in²
  • Low weight – 0.5 oz (15 g)
  • ZVS/ZCS isolated sine amplitude converter
  • Typical efficiency 95%
  • 125°C operation (TJ)
  • <1 µs transient response
  • >3.5 million hours MTBF
  • No output filtering required

BCM Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
BCM380P475T800A30 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 47.5V 800WBCM380P475T800A30DC/DC CONVERTER 47.5V 800W84 - Immediate
BCM380P475T800A30 product page link
BCM48BH120T120B00 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120WBCM48BH120T120B00DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120W89 - Immediate
BCM48BH120T120B00 product page link
BCM400P500T1K8A30 datasheet link380VIN BCM BUS CONV 48VOUT 1750WBCM400P500T1K8A30380VIN BCM BUS CONV 48VOUT 1750W2 - Immediate
BCM400P500T1K8A30 product page link
BCM48BT120T300A00 datasheet linkV.I CHIP BCM BUS CONVERTERBCM48BT120T300A00V.I CHIP BCM BUS CONVERTER74 - Immediate
BCM48BT120T300A00 product page link
BCM384F120T300A00 datasheet linkMODULE DC-DC 380VIN 1-OUT 32.5VBCM384F120T300A00MODULE DC-DC 380VIN 1-OUT 32.5V6 - Immediate
BCM384F120T300A00 product page link
BCM384P120T800AC0 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 800WBCM384P120T800AC0DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 800W2 - Immediate
BCM384P120T800AC0 product page link
BCM380P475T1K2A31 datasheet link380VIN BCM BUS CONV 48VOUT 1200WBCM380P475T1K2A31380VIN BCM BUS CONV 48VOUT 1200W3 - Immediate
BCM380P475T1K2A31 product page link
BCM384P120T1K5AC1 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 1500WBCM384P120T1K5AC1DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 1500W9 - Immediate
BCM384P120T1K5AC1 product page link
BCM48BH120M120B00 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120WBCM48BH120M120B00DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 120W2 - Immediate
BCM48BH120M120B00 product page link
BCM384T480T325A00 datasheet linkHV BCM BUS CONVERT 48V 325WBCM384T480T325A00HV BCM BUS CONVERT 48V 325W23 - Immediate
BCM384T480T325A00 product page link
BCM48BF120T300A00 datasheet linkCONVERTER BUS 12V OUT 300W SMDBCM48BF120T300A00CONVERTER BUS 12V OUT 300W SMD0BCM48BF120T300A00 product page link
BCM380P475T1K2A30 datasheet linkBCM BUS CONVERTER 48V 1200WBCM380P475T1K2A30BCM BUS CONVERTER 48V 1200W0BCM380P475T1K2A30 product page link
BCM384P120T1K5AC0 datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 1500WBCM384P120T1K5AC0DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 1500W0BCM384P120T1K5AC0 product page link
BCM384T120T300A00 datasheet linkMOD DC-DC 384VIN 12VOUT 300W THBCM384T120T300A00MOD DC-DC 384VIN 12VOUT 300W TH1 - Immediate
BCM384T120T300A00 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29