PSF Series Capacitors

Conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors from United Chemi-Con, ideally suited for use in digital electronics and power supplies

Image of United Chemi-Con's PSF Series CapacitorsUnited Chemi-Con’s PSF series lead-type conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors are ideally suited to use in computer as VRM bulk capacitors, as well as for noise absorption of DC/DC converters and other applications.

We have newly added to the PSF series a product that features large capacitance of 1,200 μF at 2.5 V, while keeping an ESR of 5 mΩ. This will contribute in reducing the number of VRM bulk capacitors used in PC, which will take up less space of the substrate. It is also suitable for use in power supply outputs for noise absorption.

Features Applications
  • Endurance: 105°C, 5,000 h
  • Voltage: 2 V~16 V
  • Capacitance: 100~1,600 μF
  • Size: φ6.3×5.0 L~φ10×11.5 L
  • Digital equipment (Computers, servers, etc.)
  • Highly-reliable power supply

PSF Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
APSF2R5ELL471MF08S datasheet linkCAP ALUM POLY 470UF 20% 2.5V T/HAPSF2R5ELL471MF08SCAP ALUM POLY 470UF 20% 2.5V T/H2793 - Immediate
APSF2R5ELL471MF08S product page link
APSF160ELL271MH08S datasheet linkCAP ALUM POLY 270UF 20% 16V T/HAPSF160ELL271MH08SCAP ALUM POLY 270UF 20% 16V T/H1342 - Immediate
APSF160ELL271MH08S product page link
APSF160ELL331MH08S datasheet linkCAP ALUM POLY 330UF 20% 16V T/HAPSF160ELL331MH08SCAP ALUM POLY 330UF 20% 16V T/H2842 - Immediate
APSF160ELL331MH08S product page link
APSF2R0ELL102MF08S datasheet linkCAP ALUM POLY 1000UF 20% 2V T/HAPSF2R0ELL102MF08SCAP ALUM POLY 1000UF 20% 2V T/H2053 - Immediate
APSF2R0ELL102MF08S product page link
APSF160ELL471MJB5S datasheet linkCAP ALUM POLY 470UF 20% 16V T/HAPSF160ELL471MJB5SCAP ALUM POLY 470UF 20% 16V T/H2531 - Immediate
APSF160ELL471MJB5S product page link
Published: 2013-06-05