KZH Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

KZH series contributes to lower impedance and longer life of power supplies

Image of United Chemi-Con's KZH Series Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsUnited Chemi-Con's KZH series, radial lead-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors are most suitable for output of power supply applications. In recent years, requirements for lower impedance have risen as various electronic units become more functional and higher performance. To correspond to these requirements, we have developed KZH series which has super low ESR and impedance performances as it uses low resistance electrolytes. Compared with the conventional KZE series, KZH series has lower ESR, lower impedance, and longer life times. This can contribute to have lower impedance and longer life of power supplies.

Features Applications
  • Endurance: 105°C 5,000 h to 6,000 h
  • Voltage: 6.3 V to 35 V
  • Capacitance: 47 μF to 8200 μF
  • Size: φ5 x 11 L to φ16 x 25 L
  • Power supplies

KZH Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
EKZH160ELL102MH20D datasheet linkCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 16V RADIALEKZH160ELL102MH20DCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 16V RADIAL4000 - Immediate
EKZH160ELL102MH20D product page link
EKZH160ELL332MK30S datasheet linkCAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 16V RADIALEKZH160ELL332MK30SCAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 16V RADIAL2700 - Immediate
EKZH160ELL332MK30S product page link
EKZH160ELL221MF11D datasheet linkCAP ALUM 220UF 20% 16V RADIALEKZH160ELL221MF11DCAP ALUM 220UF 20% 16V RADIAL2107 - Immediate
EKZH160ELL221MF11D product page link
EKZH6R3ELL471MF11D datasheet linkCAP ALUM 470UF 20% 6.3V RADIALEKZH6R3ELL471MF11DCAP ALUM 470UF 20% 6.3V RADIAL1923 - Immediate
EKZH6R3ELL471MF11D product page link
EKZH6R3ELL152MH20D datasheet linkCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 6.3V RADIALEKZH6R3ELL152MH20DCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 6.3V RADIAL3185 - Immediate
EKZH6R3ELL152MH20D product page link
EKZH100ELL102MJC5S datasheet linkCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 10V RADIALEKZH100ELL102MJC5SCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 10V RADIAL1945 - Immediate
EKZH100ELL102MJC5S product page link
EKZH100ELL152MJ16S datasheet linkCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 10V RADIALEKZH100ELL152MJ16SCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 10V RADIAL3387 - Immediate
EKZH100ELL152MJ16S product page link
EKZH160ELL222MK20S datasheet linkCAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 16V RADIALEKZH160ELL222MK20SCAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 16V RADIAL1025 - Immediate
EKZH160ELL222MK20S product page link
EKZH350ELL102MK20S datasheet linkCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 35V RADIALEKZH350ELL102MK20SCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 35V RADIAL3615 - Immediate
EKZH350ELL102MK20S product page link
EKZH100ELL152MH20D datasheet linkCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 10V RADIALEKZH100ELL152MH20DCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 10V RADIAL1016 - Immediate
EKZH100ELL152MH20D product page link
EKZH350ELL152ML20S datasheet linkCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 35V RADIALEKZH350ELL152ML20SCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 35V RADIAL1313 - Immediate
EKZH350ELL152ML20S product page link
EKZH250ELL102MJ25S datasheet linkCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 25V RADIALEKZH250ELL102MJ25SCAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 25V RADIAL345 - Immediate
EKZH250ELL102MJ25S product page link
EKZH350ELL391MH20D datasheet linkCAP ALUM 390UF 20% 35V RADIALEKZH350ELL391MH20DCAP ALUM 390UF 20% 35V RADIAL936 - Immediate
EKZH350ELL391MH20D product page link
EKZH250ELL152MK20S datasheet linkCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 25V RADIALEKZH250ELL152MK20SCAP ALUM 1500UF 20% 25V RADIAL383 - Immediate
EKZH250ELL152MK20S product page link
EKZH350ELL222ML25S datasheet linkCAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 35V RADIALEKZH350ELL222ML25SCAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 35V RADIAL642 - Immediate
EKZH350ELL222ML25S product page link
EKZH350ELL101MF11D datasheet linkCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 35V RADIALEKZH350ELL101MF11DCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 35V RADIAL0EKZH350ELL101MF11D product page link
EKZH160ELL182MJ25S datasheet linkCAP ALUM 1800UF 20% 16V RADIALEKZH160ELL182MJ25SCAP ALUM 1800UF 20% 16V RADIAL12 - Immediate
EKZH160ELL182MJ25S product page link
EKZH350ELL470ME11D datasheet linkCAP ALUM 47UF 20% 35V RADIALEKZH350ELL470ME11DCAP ALUM 47UF 20% 35V RADIAL0EKZH350ELL470ME11D product page link
EKZH160ETC101ME11D datasheet linkCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 16V RADIALEKZH160ETC101ME11DCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 16V RADIAL0EKZH160ETC101ME11D product page link
EKZH160ETD101ME11D datasheet linkCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 16V RADIALEKZH160ETD101ME11DCAP ALUM 100UF 20% 16V RADIAL0EKZH160ETD101ME11D product page link
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Published: 2013-03-26