Energy-Efficient Stepper Motor Control With coolStep™ Stepper Driver Family

TRINAMIC's coolStep™ family are complete microstepping driver ICs with either step-and-direction or SPI operation

Image of Trinamic Motion Control' Energy-Efficient Stepper Motor Control With coolStep™ Stepper Driver FamilyTRINAMIC's coolStep™ families are complete microstepping driver ICs with either step-and-direction or SPI operation. With their high-resolution indexer DAC they allow for resolutions from full-step up to 256 microsteps per full-step, resulting in the smoothest and quietest operation and positioning.

They have an integrated indexer for a perfect sinusoidal-wave-form simple operation without the need of programming microstep tables and where current waveforms are required.

The hysteresis chopper-mode spreadCycle™ reduces resonances and vibrations by automatically selecting the optimum ratio of slow and fast decay for every chopper cycle.

With a full set of diagnostics including open load, short-to-ground, and overcurrent plus the patented sensorless load measurement stallGuard2™ systems with coolStep™ drivers are prepared for highest requirements on reliability and robustness.

Without the need of any sensors, coolStep™ can adapt the motor current according to the load. For evaluation and parameterization for your system evaluation, boards with graphical desktop tools are available.

coolStep™ Stepper Motor Drivers

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TMC262-LA-T datasheet linkTMC262-LA-TIC MOTOR CONTROLLER SPI 32QFN3358 - Immediate
TMC262-LA-T product page link
TMC262-LA datasheet linkTMC262-LAIC MOTOR CTLR SPI 32QFN8560 - Immediate
TMC262-LA product page link
TMC5031-LA datasheet linkTMC5031-LAIC MOTOR DRIVER SPI 48QFN566 - Immediate
TMC5031-LA product page link
TMC260-PA datasheet linkTMC260-PAIC MOTOR DRIVER SPI 44QFP940 - Immediate
TMC260-PA product page link
TMC260-PA-T datasheet linkTMC260-PA-TIC MOTOR DRIVER SPI 44QFP977 - Immediate
TMC260-PA-T product page link
TMC5031-LA-T datasheet linkTMC5031-LA-TIC MOTOR DRIVER SPI 48QFN0TMC5031-LA-T product page link
TMC261-PA datasheet linkTMC261-PAIC MOTOR DRIVER SPI 44QFP0TMC261-PA product page link

Evaluation Boards

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TMC429+TMC26X-EVAL datasheet linkTMC429+TMC26X-EVALEVAL MOD TMC429,260,261,2626 - Immediate
TMC429+TMC26X-EVAL product page link
TMC5031-EVAL datasheet linkTMC5031-EVALEVAL MODULE FOR TMC50314 - Immediate
TMC5031-EVAL product page link
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Published: 2013-11-11