TX03 Microcontrollers

Toshiba's TX03 microcontroller offers up to 1 MB FLASH memory

Image of Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage's TX03 MicrocontrollersToshiba's TX03 microcontroller series is built around ARM® Cortex®-M3 CPU technology. The ARM Cortex -M3 processing core offers high code density, efficient data RAM usage, fast interrupt handling, and is strongly supported by leading third-party tools and software suppliers. Toshiba supports ARM’s CMSIS, with CMSIS libraries available for all our TX03 MCUs.

TX03 MCUs offer large memory (up to 1 MB FLASH), lots of serial I/Os (up to 17 channels), USB, CAN, Ethernet and many other features. The TX03 family includes solutions for battery–powered equipment, high-performance digital signal control for IGBT/FET servos, specialized hardware for vector BLDC motor control, multiprotocol communications, USB applications, and low-cost general-purpose control.

TX03 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TMPM330FDFG(C) datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 100LQFPTMPM330FDFG(C)IC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 100LQFP1085 - Immediate
TMPM330FDFG(C) product page link
TMPM332FWUG(C) datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 64LQFPTMPM332FWUG(C)IC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 64LQFP440 - Immediate
TMPM332FWUG(C) product page link
TMPM333FDFG(C,J) datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 100LQFPTMPM333FDFG(C,J)IC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 100LQFP340 - Immediate
TMPM333FDFG(C,J) product page link
TMPM333FYFG(C) datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 100LQFPTMPM333FYFG(C)IC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 100LQFP360 - Immediate
TMPM333FYFG(C) product page link
TMPM333FWFG(C,J) datasheet linkIC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 100LQFPTMPM333FWFG(C,J)IC MCU 32BIT 128KB FLASH 100LQFP360 - Immediate
TMPM333FWFG(C,J) product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29