Half-Pitch 4-CH Transistor Photocouplers

Optocouplers with a quad configuration in a double-molded package from Toshiba

Image of Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage's Half-Pitch 4-CH Transistor PhotocouplersToshiba has announced the addition of the TLP290-4 (AC input) and TLP291-4 (DC input) to its family of optocouplers. Suitable for general purpose applications requiring isolation, including power supplies and motor controllers, the optocouplers from Toshiba feature a quad configuration in a double-molded package, a wider creepage distance, improved performance and higher operating temperatures (110 degrees Celsius). The new family of quad couplers can be used in the same socket as Toshiba's popular TLP280-4 and TLP281-4 series of optocouplers, offering higher performance and greater creepage distance for designs in which package height is of a lesser concern.

  • Four channels
  • AC input and DC input
  • SO16 package
  • High operating temp (110 degrees Celsius)
  • Creepage distance: 5 mm (min)
  • Safety standard: EN60747-5-2 approved
  • Isolation voltage: 2500 Vrms
  • Max operating insulation voltage: 565 Vpk (max)

Transistor Photocouplers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TLP291-4(GB,E) datasheet linkOPTOISOLTR 2.5KV 4CH TRANS 16-SOTLP291-4(GB,E)OPTOISOLTR 2.5KV 4CH TRANS 16-SO8851 - Immediate
TLP291-4(GB,E) product page link
TLP290-4(GB,E) datasheet linkOPTOISOLTR 2.5KV 4CH TRANS 16-SOTLP290-4(GB,E)OPTOISOLTR 2.5KV 4CH TRANS 16-SO705 - Immediate
TLP290-4(GB,E) product page link
TLP290-4(GB-TP,E) datasheet linkOPTOISOLTR 2.5KV 4CH TRANS 16-SOTLP290-4(GB-TP,E)OPTOISOLTR 2.5KV 4CH TRANS 16-SO217 - Immediate
TLP290-4(GB-TP,E) product page link
Published: 2012-06-29