TA48/TA48S Series Regulators

Toshiba's TA48 and TA48S regulators are energy efficient

Image of Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage's TA48/TA48S Series RegulatorsToshiba's TA48 series consists of fixed-positive-output, low-dropout regulators with an output current of 1A (maximum) that utilize V-PNP transistors for the output stage. In response to the need for low-voltage and low-power dissipation devices for use in consumer electronics and industrial appliances, the series offers devices with the following low output voltages: 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V, 8V, and 9V.

The TA48S series consists of small-surface mount type low-dropout regulators with an output current of 1A (maximum) and an ON/OFF control switch. Control by an EN (ON/OFF) terminal enables the regulator to be operated only when required (output ON). These regulators are suitable for use in the power supply circuits of AV, OA, and other digital devices equipped with a stand-by function. They are also suitable for battery-operated portable data devices of various types where they will contribute to energy savings. Moreover, the regulators have an output voltage line-up starting from 1.5V, corresponding to the lower voltage of various devices.

TA48 and TA48S Series Regulators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - OutputAvailable Quantity
TA4808BF(T6L1,NQ) datasheet linkIC REG LDO 8V 1A PWMOLDTA4808BF(T6L1,NQ)IC REG LDO 8V 1A PWMOLD8V2108 - Immediate
TA4808BF(T6L1,NQ) product page link
TA48M0345F(6L1,SNQ datasheet linkIC REG LDO 3.45V 0.5A PWMOLDTA48M0345F(6L1,SNQIC REG LDO 3.45V 0.5A PWMOLD3.45V6076 - Immediate
TA48M0345F(6L1,SNQ product page link
TA48S09AF(T6L1,Q) datasheet linkIC REG LDO 9V 1A 5HSIPTA48S09AF(T6L1,Q)IC REG LDO 9V 1A 5HSIP9V2853 - Immediate
TA48S09AF(T6L1,Q) product page link
TA48S015AF(T6L1,Q) datasheet linkIC REG LDO 1.5V 1A 5HSIPTA48S015AF(T6L1,Q)IC REG LDO 1.5V 1A 5HSIP1.5V5882 - Immediate
TA48S015AF(T6L1,Q) product page link
TA48M04F(T6L1,SNQ) datasheet linkIC REG LDO 4V 0.5A PWMOLDTA48M04F(T6L1,SNQ)IC REG LDO 4V 0.5A PWMOLD4V966 - Immediate
TA48M04F(T6L1,SNQ) product page link
TA48L018F(TE12L,F) datasheet linkIC REG LDO 1.8V 0.15A PWMINITA48L018F(TE12L,F)IC REG LDO 1.8V 0.15A PWMINI1.8V1090 - Immediate
TA48L018F(TE12L,F) product page link
TA4800AF(T6L1,Q) datasheet linkIC REG LDO ADJ 1A 5HSIPTA4800AF(T6L1,Q)IC REG LDO ADJ 1A 5HSIP1.5 V ~ 9 V2200 - Immediate
TA4800AF(T6L1,Q) product page link
TA48M03F(T6L1,SNQ) datasheet linkIC REG LDO 3V 0.5A PWMOLDTA48M03F(T6L1,SNQ)IC REG LDO 3V 0.5A PWMOLD3V1686 - Immediate
TA48M03F(T6L1,SNQ) product page link
TA48M025F(T6L1,SNQ datasheet linkIC REG LDO 2.5V 0.5A PWMOLDTA48M025F(T6L1,SNQIC REG LDO 2.5V 0.5A PWMOLD2.5V1142 - Immediate
TA48M025F(T6L1,SNQ product page link
TA48S033AF(T6L1,Q) datasheet linkIC REG LDO 3.3V 1A 5HSIPTA48S033AF(T6L1,Q)IC REG LDO 3.3V 1A 5HSIP3.3V400 - Immediate
TA48S033AF(T6L1,Q) product page link
TA48M05F(T6L1,SNQ) datasheet linkIC REG LDO 5V 0.5A PWMOLDTA48M05F(T6L1,SNQ)IC REG LDO 5V 0.5A PWMOLD5V119 - Immediate
TA48M05F(T6L1,SNQ) product page link
TA4805BF(T6L1,NQ) datasheet linkIC REG LDO 5V 1A PWMOLDTA4805BF(T6L1,NQ)IC REG LDO 5V 1A PWMOLD5V2 - Immediate
TA4805BF(T6L1,NQ) product page link
TA48M033F(T6L1,SNQ datasheet linkIC REG LDO 3.3V 0.5A PWMOLDTA48M033F(T6L1,SNQIC REG LDO 3.3V 0.5A PWMOLD3.3V0TA48M033F(T6L1,SNQ product page link
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Published: 2013-10-24