ESD Protection Diode

Toshiba's ESD protection diodes offer a small-package with both ultra-low capacitance and dynamic resistance

Image of Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage's ESD Protection DiodeToshiba's DF6D7M1N and DF10G7M1N are small-package array solutions which protect multiple bits of data at one time, taking up as little as 0.3 mm² of mounting space for each bit of protection. These arrays offer better protection density compared to having multiple 1-bit protection in the 0402 package. DF2B7M3SC is an incredibly-low capacitance device for protecting the most sensitive signal line (such as antennas and >10 GBps lanes). Despite the tiny form-factor and low-capacitance, these ESD protection diodes can handle up to ±8 kV(contact), ±15 kV(Air) of ESD surge based on the IEC61000 4-2 tests, and have low-dynamic resistance of under 1.4 Ω to ensure that your system is well protected.

  • Saves board space by the use of 0.79 x 0.79 mm tiny BGA and DFN packages
  • Low-capacitance diode array process for high-speed data line protection
  • Electrostatic discharge immunity test ratings based on IEC61000-4-2
  • Reduces clamp voltage and ESD strike’s impact on protected circuit
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablet PCs
  • Portable audio players
  • DSC and DVC

ESD Protection Diodes

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DF2B7M3SC,L3F datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 13VC SC2DF2B7M3SC,L3FTVS DIODE 5VWM 13VC SC214078 - Immediate
DF2B7M3SC,L3F product page link
DF6D7M1N,LF datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 12VC 6DFNDF6D7M1N,LFTVS DIODE 5VWM 12VC 6DFN2785 - Immediate
DF6D7M1N,LF product page link
DF10G7M1N,LF datasheet linkTVS DIODE 5VWM 12VC 10DFNDF10G7M1N,LFTVS DIODE 5VWM 12VC 10DFN223 - Immediate
DF10G7M1N,LF product page link
Published: 2014-02-19