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PMBus Solution

TI's unique industry-standard PMBus solution completes your design needs from input protection and control to multiphase power conversion. These PMBus-compatible products are scalable across the entire power chain, thereby accelerating design time to market and ensuring interoperability. This PMBus solution provides real-time telemetry and on-the-fly configurability - which improves system intelligence and increases system utilization.

Power Line Communication (PLC) Solution

TI's PLC modem systems provide the best performing communication platform for today's Smart Grid networks around the world.

Automotive Vision Solution

Check out this end-to-end Automotive Vision solution that is AEC-Q certified, incorporates the high-performance processing capabilities and the multi-Gbps interfaces required for the most sophisticated automotive safety systems on the market today.

LED Area Lighting Solution

Check out this highly configurable LED lighting solution that delivers comprehensive fixture control, easy system integration via broad communications standards support and a proven offline power design for reduced system complexity and development time.

Smart Water Meter Solution

Check out this complete Smart Water Meter Solution that enables flexibility in next-generation flow metering systems through innovative TI silicon and support that address all the major functions of the flow meter. TI offers comprehensive hardware and software dedicated to meeting specific water meter system requirements such as solutions are compliant with IEC, ANSI, wM-Bus and ZigBee® standards.

Wireless Audio Solution

Check out this complete Wireless Audio solution that delivers extended battery life and the highly accurate, high fidelity sound reproduction sought in leading portable audio systems on the market today.

CO Sensor Solution

This complete CO Sensor Solution provides a highly flexible one-and-done system for use in many applications such as CO gas detectors, breathalyzers and more, for industrial and consumer applications. The low-power CC2541 provides Bluetooth® BLE communication and configures and controls the programmable sensor AFE, which is specifically designed for use with CO sensors, to maximize performance with easy configurability.

Industrial Ethernet Solution

Check out this Industrial Ethernet solution that extends communication from the control room to the factory floor for either timing critical or harsh environment applications.

An Intelligent Solar Micro-Inverter Solution

This solar micro-inverter solution that maximizes power output, provides real time control and performance data and delivers a safer, more reliable next generation system. This winning combo features a TMS320F2808 32-bit Digital Signal Controller with on board Flash, a AFE031 Powerline Communications Analog front end and a SM72295 renewable energy grade photovoltaic full bridge driver.

An Innovative High Bay LED Lighting Solution

This intelligent high bay LED lighting solution provides the greatest power efficiency, power factor correction, and the flexibility to control multiple strings from a single architecture.

A Unique Chemical/Gas Sensor Solution

This chemical and gas sensor solution that provides on board processing and a configurable interface, allowing a single detector to be used for multiple sensor types.

A Flexible Brushless DC Motor Drive Solution

This Brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive solution provides programmable processing for multiple BLDC motor applications, coupled with 100V MOSFET drivers for advanced control of high torque motors.

A Smart Metering Solution

Check out this three-phase energy metering solution that delivers the high linearity required for accurate power measurement and the isolation necessary to meet industry standards regulating power and communications for e-metering.

A Portable Audio and Display Solution

Check out TI’s multi-sensory portable audio and display solution featuring high-fidelity sound, multi-point touch with haptics for tactile feedback and programmable high brightness backlight driver that combine to deliver a richer user experience in a small-form factor.

A Wireless Body Sensor Solution

Check out this wireless body sensor solution that delivers a precision sensor interface, a highly integrated Bluetooth® low energy radio and a micro-power MCU that combine to extend battery life and increase system reliability in a small form-factor.

A HD CCTV Camera Solution Solution

Check out this HD CCTV Camera solution that delivers full 1080p resolution and SMPTE compliant video over existing coax for the highest quality video capture.

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