The TI University Program offers educators discounted tools, free products, and lab materials and expertise so students can learn TI technology in teaching labs that are smarter and more fun. Our advanced analog and embedded processing technologies fuel the passions of students and educators in more than 4,000 university labs worldwide. Contact us and discover how the TI University Program can help you push the boundaries and explore new horizons:

Texas Instruments University Program

Recommended Tools & Teaching Material

Free Teaching Materials

TI offers free teaching resources to support most of the MCU and DSP product families. These teaching materials are developed by academics using the TI hardware and software for teaching and contain a wealth of powerpoint slides, class notes, lab examples and code. The TI Teaching Materials are available for download or you can request a copy on CD. Both methods are free of charge. In addition, some products are supported by teaching modules in Connexions or other open source teaching material websites.

Check below for a link to the latest materials for each product or family.


MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad Development Board

MSP-EXP430G2 Product Page

C2000 Peripheral Explorer Kit

C2000 Product Page

Stellaris® Robotic Evaluation Board for use with Micrium's μC/OS-III

EVALBOT Product Page

EKS-LM3S8962 Evaluation Kit

EKS-LM3S8962 Product Page

EKS-LM3S1968 Evaluation Kit

EKS-LM3S1968 Product Page


eZ430-Chronos Wireless Development Tool

eZ430-Chronos Product Page

MSP430 Wireless Development Tool

MSP430 Product Page

Energy Harvesting

MSP430 Solar Energy Harvesting Development Tool

MSP430 Product Page

DSP & ARM Microprocessors


Beagleboard Product Page


Beagleboard-XM Product Page

C5515 eZDSP USB Stick Development Tool

C5515 eZDSP Product Page

C5505 eZdsp USB Stick Development Tool

C5505 eZdsp Product Page

C6713 DSP Starter Kit

C6713 DSP Product Page


Code Composer Studio Development Suite


Texas Instruments Part Search

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