TXB0101 Translators

Bi-Directional Auto-Direction Sensing Voltage Level Translation 15kV HBM ESD Protection

image of Texas Instruments' TXB0101The TXB "Buffer-type" translators are dual-supply auto direction-sensing devices used to bridge the digital-switching compatibility gap between two different supply-voltages on the same circuit board. These TXB01xx auto-direction level shifters eliminate the requirement of a direction-control signal saving GPIOs on the system processor and simplifying the associated software development. The TXB01xx devices can translate anywhere between 1.2V and 5.5V and a have low static power consumption of 5-µA Max. They support partial-power-down mode operation and do not require power-supply sequencing. They also include 15-kV HBM ESD protection, support data rate speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and are optimized for use with "Push-Pull" CMOS drivers.

Auto Direction-Sensing Translators with integrated ESD protection

The integrated 15-kV HBM ESD protection provides designers with a robust system design without having to spend on discrete ESD protection devices. Since the translators are auto-sensing, they do not need a direction control signal to guide the direction of dataflow. This feature saves GPIOs on the processor and also simplifies software control. The low power consumption and small footprints make these devices an ideal choice for use in battery-powered, portable applications. TI's TXB01xx auto-direction sensing level shifters are available in four different bit-widths: 1-bit, 2-bits, 4-bits, and 8-bits.

SD Card Interface Application

Features Benefits
  • No direction control signal needed
  • Supports Data Rates up to 100 Mbps
  • 15-kV Human-Body-Model ESD Protection on B-side I/O signals
  • Includes VCC Isolation feature
  • Low static power consumption of 5-µA Max and support of partial-power-down mode operation
  • Saves GPIOs on the processor and results in simpler software driver development
  • Suitable for a variety of Interface applications
  • No need for discrete ESD protection
  • Ensures that all output signals are disabled (Hi-Z) if either Vcc supply is at 
  • GND potential. No power supply sequencing is needed. Any supply rail can be ramped up/down first
  • Extends battery-life

TXB0101 Translators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTranslator TypeChannel TypeAvailable Quantity
TXB0101DCKR datasheet linkIC VOLT-LVL TRANSL BI-DIR SC70-6TXB0101DCKRIC VOLT-LVL TRANSL BI-DIR SC70-6Voltage LevelBidirectional13181 - Immediate
TXB0101DCKR product page link
TXB0101DBVR datasheet linkIC VOLT-LVL TRANSL 1BIT SOT23-6TXB0101DBVRIC VOLT-LVL TRANSL 1BIT SOT23-6Voltage LevelBidirectional4793 - Immediate
TXB0101DBVR product page link
TXB0101YZPR datasheet linkIC VOLT-LEVEL TRANSLATOR 6-DSBGATXB0101YZPRIC VOLT-LEVEL TRANSLATOR 6-DSBGAVoltage LevelBidirectional5137 - Immediate
TXB0101YZPR product page link
Published: 2008-08-10