TPS7A3501 High PSRR, Low-Noise, 1 A Power Filter

TI's power filter is capable of sourcing a 1 A load suitable for quiet-supply solutions

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS7A3501 High PSRR, Low-Noise, 1 A Power FilterTexas Instruments' TPS7A3501 is a positive voltage, low-noise (3.8 µVRMS) power filter capable of sourcing a 1 A load suitable for quiet-supply solutions. Power filters, such as the TPS7A3501, provide voltage regulation across the input and output terminals with high efficiency (low insertion loss), and power-supply rejection. The device is ideally-suited as a noise filter for 3.3 V, 2.5 V, and 1.8 V supplies at up to 1 A.

The input-to-output voltage regulation is also user-programmable from 200 mV to 500 mV with a single external resistor. If no resistor is used, the TPS7A3501 provides 330 mV of input-to-output voltage regulation. The device is stable with 10 µF input and output ceramic capacitors and a 10 nF noise-reduction ceramic capacitor.

The TPS7A3501 is fully specified over a wide temperature of –40°C to +125°C. The device is offered in a low thermal resistance, 2 × 2 mm SON-6 package. Unlike passive filters, the TPS7A3501 provides thermal and current protection for itself and surrounding circuitry.

TPS7A3501 Power Filter

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionRegulator TopologyVoltage - OutputAvailable Quantity
TPS7A3501DRVT datasheet linkIC REG LDO ADJ 1A 6SONTPS7A3501DRVTIC REG LDO ADJ 1A 6SONPositive Adjustable1.21 V ~ 4.5 V1180 - Immediate
3500 - Factory Stock
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TPS7A3501 Evaluation Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeUtilized IC / PartAvailable Quantity
TPS7A3501EVM-547 datasheet linkEVAL KIT FOR TPS7A3501TPS7A3501EVM-547EVAL KIT FOR TPS7A3501Power Management, Power FilterTPS7A35013 - Immediate
16 - Factory Stock
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Published: 2014-04-15