TPS40304 3V to 20V Input Synchronous Buck Controller

Texas Instruments' TPS40304 reduces output capacitance requirements for tight regulation point of load converters

TPS40304 3V to 20V Input Synchronous Buck ControllerTexas Instruments' TPS40304 is a cost-optimized synchronous buck controller that operates from 3V to 20V (input). This controller implements voltage-mode control architecture with input-voltage feed-forward compensation that responds instantly to input voltage change. The switching frequency is fixed at 600KHz. The frequency spread spectrum feature adds dither to the switching frequency, significantly reducing the peak EMI noise and making it much easier to comply with EMI standards. The TPS40304 offers design with a variety of user programmable functions, including soft-start, over-current protection (OCP) levels, and loop compensation. OCP level may be programmed by a single external resistor connected from LDRV pin to circuit ground.

Simplified Application Diagram

Features Applications
  • Input voltage range from 3V to 20V
  • 600KHz (TPS40304) switching frequencies
  • High- and low-side FET RDS(on) current sensing
  • Programmable thermally compensated OCP levels
  • Programmable soft-start
  • 600mV, 1% reference voltage
  • Voltage feed-forward compensation
  • Supports pre-biased output
  • Frequency spread spectrum
  • Thermal shutdown protection at 145°C
  • 10-pin 3mm × 3mm SON package with ground connection to thermal pad
  • POL modules
  • Printers
  • Digital TVs
  • Telecom

TPS40304 Input Synchronous Buck Controller

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOutput TypeFunctionAvailable Quantity
TPS40304DRCT datasheet linkIC REG CTRLR BUCK 10SONTPS40304DRCTIC REG CTRLR BUCK 10SONTransistor DriverStep-Down3580 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
TPS40304DRCT product page link

Evaluation Module

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeOutputs and TypeAvailable Quantity
TPS40304EVM-353 datasheet linkEVALUATION MODULE FOR TPS40304TPS40304EVM-353EVALUATION MODULE FOR TPS40304DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated3 - Immediate
22 - Factory Stock
TPS40304EVM-353 product page link
Published: 2010-06-08