TPS25200 Overvoltage Clamp

5 V eFuse with precision adjustable current limit and overvoltage clamp from Texas Instruments

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS25200 Overvoltage Clamp

Texas Instruments' TPS25200 is a 5 V eFuse with precision current limit and overvoltage clamp. The device provides robust protection for load and source during overvoltage and overcurrent events.

The TPS25200 is an intelligent protected load switch with VIN tolerant to 20 V. In the event that an incorrect voltage is applied at IN, the output will clamp to 5.4 V to protect the load. If the voltage at IN exceeds 7.6 V, the device disconnects the load to prevent damage to the device and/or load.

The TPS25200 has an internal 60 mΩ power switch and is intended for protecting source, device, and load under a variety of abnormal conditions. The device provides up to 2.5 A of continuous load current. Current limit is programmable from 85 mA to 2.9 A with a single resistor to ground. During overload events output current is limited to the level set by RILIM. If a persistent overload occurs the device will eventually go into thermal shutoff to prevent damage to the TPS25200.

  • 2.5 V to 6.5 V operation
  • Input withstands up to 20 V
  • 7.6 V input overvoltage shutoff
  • 5.25 V to 5.55 V fixed overvoltage clamp
  • 0.6 µs overvoltage lockout response
  • 3.5 µs short-circuit response
  • Integrated 60 mΩ high-side MOSFET
  • Up to 2.5 A continuous load current
  • ±6% current-limit accuracy at 2.9 A
  • Reverse current blocking while disabled
  • Built-in soft start
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with TPS2553
TPS25200 Overvoltage Clamp
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IC PWR MGR EFUSE 6.5V 2.8A 6SONTPS25200DRVTIC PWR MGR EFUSE 6.5V 2.8A 6SON122 - Immediate
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EVAL BOARD POWER SWITCH TPS25200TPS25200EVM-618EVAL BOARD POWER SWITCH TPS25200Power Management, Power Distribution Switch (Load Switch)TPS252002 - Immediate
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Published: 2014-06-17