TPS24700/1 High-Efficiency Hot-Swap Controller

Texas Instruments' easy-to-use, 2.5 V to 18 V, hot-swap controller that drives an external N-channel MOSFET

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS24700/1 High-Efficiency Hot-Swap ControllerTexas Instruments' TPS24700/1 is an easy-to-use, 2.5 V to 18 V, hot-swap controller that drives an external N-channel MOSFET. The programmable current limit and fault time protect the supply and load from excessive current at startup. After startup, currents above the user-selected limit are allowed to flow until programmed timeout – except in extreme overload events when load is immediately disconnected from source. The low, 25 mV current sense threshold is highly accurate and allows use of smaller, more-efficient sense resistors, yielding lower power loss and smaller footprint. A power-good output is provided for status monitoring and downstream load control. TPS24700/1 replaces the LTC4211 in existing designs with no PCB board changes and only minor external component changes – yielding a more accurate, efficient solution.

Features Applications
  • 2.5 V to 18 V operation
  • Accurate current limiting for startup
  • Accurate 25 mV current-sense threshold
  • Timed overcurrent breaker
  • Power-good output
  • Fast breaker for short-circuit protection
  • Latch off (TPS24700) and retry versions (TPS24701)
  • Programmable UV threshold
  • Drop-in upgrade for LTC4211 – no layout
  • MSOP-8 package
  • Server backplanes
  • Storage area networks (SAN)
  • Medical systems
  • Plug-in modules
  • Base stations
  • Consumer electronics


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusAvailable Quantity
TPS24700DGK datasheet linkIC CTRLR HOT SWAP 2.5-18V 8VSSOPTPS24700DGKIC CTRLR HOT SWAP 2.5-18V 8VSSOPActive285 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
TPS24700DGK product page link
TPS24700DGKR datasheet linkIC CTRLR HOT SWAP 2.5-18V 8VSSOPTPS24700DGKRIC CTRLR HOT SWAP 2.5-18V 8VSSOPActive3211 - Immediate
TPS24700DGKR product page link
TPS24701DGKR datasheet linkIC CTRLR HOT SWAP 2.5-18V 8VSSOPTPS24701DGKRIC CTRLR HOT SWAP 2.5-18V 8VSSOPActive2423 - Immediate
TPS24701DGKR product page link
TPS24701DGK datasheet linkIC CTRLR HOT SWAP 2.5-18V 8VSSOPTPS24701DGKIC CTRLR HOT SWAP 2.5-18V 8VSSOPActive10000 - Factory StockTPS24701DGK product page link

Evaluation Modules

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusMain PurposeEmbeddedAvailable Quantity
TPS24700EVM-001 datasheet linkEVAL MODULE FOR TPS24700-001TPS24700EVM-001EVAL MODULE FOR TPS24700-001ActivePower Management, Hot Swap ControllerNo113 - Factory StockTPS24700EVM-001 product page link
TPS24701EVM-002 datasheet linkEVAL MODULE FOR TPS24701-002TPS24701EVM-002EVAL MODULE FOR TPS24701-002ActivePower Management, Hot Swap ControllerNo117 - Factory StockTPS24701EVM-002 product page link
Published: 2013-07-02