TPD12S015 HDMI Companion Chip

Texas Instruments' TPD12S015 with step-up DC-DC, I²C level shifter, and high-speed ESD clamps for portable applications

TPD12S015 HDMI Companion ChipTexas Instruments' TPD12S015 is an integrated HDMI ESD solution. The device pin mapping matches the HDMI Type C and Type D connector with four differential pairs. This device offers eight, low-capacitance ESD clamps, allowing HDMI 1.3 data rates. The integrated ESD clamps and resistors provide exceptional matching between each differential signal pair, which allows an advantage over discrete ESD clamp solutions where variations between ESD clamps degrade the differential signal quality.

Features Applications
  • HDMI 1.3 data rate
  • HDMI high-speed differential signals -3dB bandwidth exceeds 6.4Gbps
  • Excellent matching capacitance (0.05pF) in each differential signal pair
  • Internal boost converter to generate 5V from a 2.3V to 5.5V battery voltage
  • Flexible power saving modes through separate control
  • Auto direction sensing level shifting in the CEC, SDA, SCL lines drive up to 750pF load
  • HDMI minimum current limit and short-circuit protection at 5VOUT pin
  • Smart phones
  • Multimedia phones
  • Digital camcorders
  • Digital still cameras
  • Portable game consoles

HDMI Companion Chip

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TPD12S015YFFR datasheet linkIC HDMI ESD PROT 28DSBGATPD12S015YFFRIC HDMI ESD PROT 28DSBGAPDA's, Portable Audio/Video, SmartphonesHDMI4056 - Immediate
9000 - Factory Stock
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Published: 2011-04-07