TMP103 Digital Temperature Sensor

Texas Instruments' low-power, digital temperature sensor with two-wire interface in WCSP

Image of Texas Instruments' TMP103 Digital Temperature SensorTexas Instruments' TMP103 is a digital output temperature sensor in a four-ball wafer chip-scale package (WCSP). The TMP103 is capable of reading temperatures to a resolution of 1°C. The TMP103 features a two-wire interface that is compatible with both I2C and SMBus interfaces. In addition, the interface supports multiple device access (MDA) commands that allow the master to communicate with multiple devices on the bus simultaneously, eliminating the need to send individual commands to each TMP103 on the bus.

Features Applications
  • Multiple device access (MDA): Global read/write operations
  • I2C™/SMBus™ compatible interface
  • Resolution: 8 bits
  • Accuracy: ±1°C Typical (-10°C to +100°C)
  • Low quiescent current:
    • 3 µA active IQ at 0.25 Hz
    • 1 µA shutdown
  • Supply range: 1.4 V to 3.6 V
  • Digital output package: 4-ball WCSP (DSBGA)
  • Handsets
  • Notebooks

TMP103 Digital Temperature Sensor

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
500 - Factory Stock
TMP103AYFFT product page link

Evaluation Module

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensor TypeSensing RangeInterfaceAvailable Quantity
EVAL MODULE FOR TMP103TMP103EVMEVAL MODULE FOR TMP103Temperature-40°C ~ 125°CI²C, USB3 - Immediate
22 - Factory Stock
TMP103EVM product page link
Published: 2013-07-02