TMP006 Infrared Thermopile Sensor

Texas Instruments' infrared thermopile sensor in ultra-small chipscale package

TMP006 Infrared Thermopile Sensor Texas Instruments' TMP006 is the first in a series of temperature sensors that measure the temperature of an object without the need to make contact with the object. This sensor uses a thermopile to absorb the infrared energy emitted from the object being measured and uses the corresponding change in thermopile voltage to determine the object temperature. Infrared sensor voltage range is specified from -40°C to +125°C to enable use in a wide range of applications. Low power consumption along with low operating voltage makes the part suitable for battery-powered applications. The low package height of the chip-scale format enables standard high volume assembly methods, and can be useful where limited spacing to the object being measured is available.

Features Applications
  • Complete single-chip digital solution, including integrated MEMS thermopile sensor, signal conditioning, ADC and local temperature reference
  • The first thermopile designed for portable applications, thanks to an ultra-thin (0.625 max) profile
  • Low power design extends the life of battery powered applications
  • Complete Solution in 1.6 mm × 1.6 mm Wafer Chip-Scale Package (WCSP) IC (DSBGA)
  • Digital output:
  • Sensor voltage: 7 µV/°C
  • Local temperature: -40°C to +125°C
  • SMBus™ compatible interface
  • Pin-programmable interface addressing
  • Low supply current: 240 µA
  • Low minimum supply voltage: 2.2 V
  • Notebook case temperature
  • Comfort index measurement
  • Motor case temperature
  • Server farm power management

Infrared Thermopile Sensor

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensor TypeSensing Temperature - LocalAvailable Quantity
10000 - Factory Stock
TMP006AIYZFT product page link

Evaluation Module

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensor TypeInterfaceAvailable Quantity
TMP006EVM datasheet linkEVAL MODULE FOR TMP006TMP006EVMEVAL MODULE FOR TMP006TemperatureI²C, SPI, USB6 - Immediate
248 - Factory Stock
TMP006EVM product page link
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Published: 2011-08-01