TLV320AIC34 Stereo Audio Codec

TLV320AIC34 Low Power, Four Channel Audio CODEC for Portable Audio Applications

Texas Intruments'_TLV320AIC34_smlTexas Instruments Supplier PageThe TLV320AIC34 is a low-power four-channel stereo audio codec with extensive register-based power control. It has two independent PLLs allowing for simultaneous operation which is useful when different audio streams with different sampling rates pass through the device at the same time; such as audio on a Bluetooth headset and audio capture at CD or MP3 sampling rates. It supports both digital and analog microphones in simultaneous operation. It also has sufficient number of audio inputs to support simultaneous noise cancellation for digital and analog microphones. When coupled with notch filtering these features help reduce or eliminate microphone wind noise or system noise like digital camera lens motor.

Value Statement

The TLV320AIC34 is TI's most flexible portable stereo CODEC. It has excellent SNR and THD performance for the portable consumer electronics market. The TLV320AIC34 also includes an ultra-low power analog bypass mode and notch filtering. Notch filtering reduces or eliminates digital camera lens motor noise, CCD noise, and microphone wind noise. It has two independent PLLs which accept any input clock between 512 kHz - 50MHz, unlike many codecs which require a crystal (increasing power consumption and board space). The device has extremely low power consumption, which extends battery life in portable applications.

Application Diagram

Features Benefits
  • Total of four ADCs and DACs
  • Two independent PLLs
  • Two independently programmable bass / treble / EQ / deemphasis / 3-D shaping engines and programmable ADC Notch Filters
  • I2C control interfaces
  • Wide variety of data interfaces I2S, DSP Mode, Left/Right justified, PCM and TDM
  • 15mW playback and software programmable power module power control


  • Digital Cameras
  • Smart Cellular Phones
  • Simultaneously handle 2 stereo streams or one stereo and two mono or voice streams or four mono streams
  • Simultaneously deliver two audio streams at different sampling rates from two flexible 512kHz- 50MHz input clocks
  • Digital audio effects such as filtering and equalization on multiple audio streams
  • Simple, standard connection to host that controls multiple audio interfaces
  • Flexible audio inputs allow connection to multiple sound sources such as FM tuners, car kits, microphones and multimedia processors
  • Extends battery life while maximizing user experience


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeData InterfaceAvailable Quantity
TLV320AIC34IZASR datasheet linkIC STEREO AUDIO CODEC 4CH 87-BGATLV320AIC34IZASRIC STEREO AUDIO CODEC 4CH 87-BGAAudioPCM Audio Interface6762 - Immediate
10000 - Factory Stock
TLV320AIC34IZASR product page link
Published: 2008-08-15