LMP90100 Sensor AFE

TI's multi-channel, low-power 24-bit sensor AFE with true continuous background calibration

Image of Texas Instruments' LMP90100 Sensor AFE

Texas Instruments' LMP90100 is a highly integrated, multi-channel, low-power 24-bit sensor AFE. The device features a precision, 24-bit Sigma Delta Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with a low-noise programmable gain amplifier and a fully differential high-impedance analog input multiplexer. A true continuous background calibration feature allows calibration at all gains and output data rates without interrupting the signal path. The background calibration feature essentially eliminates gain and offset errors across temperature and time, providing measurement accuracy without sacrificing speed and power consumption. The LMP90100 also features continuous background sensor diagnostics, allowing the detection of open and short circuit conditions and out-of-range signals without requiring user intervention, resulting in enhanced system reliability.

LMP90100 Sensor AFE
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of BitsNumber of ChannelsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
IC AFE INTERFACE 28-TSSOPLMP90100MHE/NOPBIC AFE INTERFACE 28-TSSOP244 Differential, 7 Single-Ended5853 - Immediate
IC AFE SNSR 24BIT SRL 28-TSSOPLMP90100MH/NOPBIC AFE SNSR 24BIT SRL 28-TSSOP244 Differential, 7 Single-Ended194 - Immediate
4464 - Factory Stock
Published: 2013-07-22