DAC Solutions Large portfolios of DACs from precision or high accuracy

Texas Instruments offers a broad portfolio of precision and high accuracy DACs for precision measurements in analog monitoring and control, instrumentation and process control to high speed DAC with complex integrated digital features such as interpolation, complex mixers and NCOs for communication applications such as base stations, repeaters, signal generators and software defined radios.

The Texas Instruments broad portfolio offers more than 200 unique DACs across ultra low power single supply, high voltage bipolar and high accuracy DACs. The devices include Industry’s lowest power dual 12/14/16 bit DACs with integrated 2.5V low drift precision reference and highly integrated, multichannel 10/12 bit ADCs and DACs for analog monitoring and control applications.

Top Precision DAC < 10MSPS

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Texas Instruments broad portfolio of high speed DACs ranges from several MSPS to GSPS. It includes the lowest power and fastest 16-bit DACs up to 1.5GSPS and the lowest power, size, cost dual 500MSPS DACs. The portfolio offers high sample rate DACs without additional digital integration for low latency applications as well as options with high digital integration to reduce space and pins while delivering superior performance to support leading edge application requirements.

Top High Speed DAC > 10MSPS Devices: