ADS41B29-B49 250MSPS Ultra-Low Power ADC

Texas Instruments' 14-/12-Bit, 250MSPS, ultra-low power ADC with analog buffers

ADS41B29/B49 250MSPS Ultra-Low Power ADCTexas Instruments' ADS41B29/B49 buffers are members of the ultra-low Power ADS4xxx analog-to-digital converter (ADC) family that feature integrated analog input buffers. These devices use innovative design techniques to achieve high dynamic performance, while consuming extremely low power. The analog input pins have buffers with benefits of constant performance and input impedance across a wide frequency range. These devices have features such as digital gain and offset correction. The gain option can be used to improve SFDR performance at lower full-scale input ranges, especially at high input frequencies.

  • ADS41B49: 14-Bit, 250MSPS
  • ADS41B29: 12-Bit, 250MSPS
  • Integrated high-impedance analog input buffer:
    • Input capacitance: 2pF
    • 200MHz input resistance: 3kΩ
  • Maximum sample rate: 250MSPS
    • 1.8V analog power: 180mW
    • 3.3V buffer power: 96mW
    • I/O power: 135mW (DDR LVDS)
  • High dynamic performance:
    • SNR: 69dBFS at 170MHz
    • SFDR: 82.5dBc at 170MHz
  • Output interface:
    • Double data rate (DDR) LVDS with programmable swing and strength:
      • Standard swing: 350mV
      • Low swing: 200mV
      • Default strength: 100Ω termination
      • 2× strength: 50Ω termination
    • 1.8V parallel CMOS interface also supported
  • Programmable gain for SNR/SFDR trade-off
  • DC Offset Correction

Ultra Low Power ADC

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ADS4126IRGZT datasheet linkIC ADC 12BIT SRL 160MSPS 48VQFNADS4126IRGZTIC ADC 12BIT SRL 160MSPS 48VQFN593 - Immediate
ADS4126IRGZT product page link
ADS4146IRGZT datasheet linkIC ADC 14B SRL 160MSPS LP 48VQFNADS4146IRGZTIC ADC 14B SRL 160MSPS LP 48VQFN851 - Immediate
2000 - Factory Stock
ADS4146IRGZT product page link
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Published: 2011-02-25