WaveSurfer 3000 Series Oscilloscopes

Teledyne LeCroy 3000 series oscilloscopes feature advanced user interface with touch-screen simplicity

Image of Teledyne LeCroy's WaveSurfer 3000 Series OscilloscopesTeledyne LeCroy's WaveSurfer 3000 oscilloscopes feature an advanced user interface with touch-screen simplicity to shorten debug time. Quickly identify and isolate anomalies with WaveScan, fast display, and history mode for faster troubleshooting; LabNotebook enables easy documentation and convenient collaboration. The advanced probe interface, upgradable bandwidth, and multi-instrument capabilities provide maximum versatility and investment protection.

  • MAUI-advanced user interface
  • Advanced anomaly detection
    • Fast waveform update
    • History mode
    • WaveScan
  • Superior toolset
    • LabNotebook
    • Sequence mode
    • Advanced active probe interface
    • Math and Measure
  • Multi-instrument capabilities
    • Protocol analysis - serial trigger and decode
    • Waveform generation - built-in function generator
    • Logic analysis - 16-channel MSO
  • Future proof
    • Upgradable bandwidth
    • Field upgradable software and hardware options

  • 200 MHz, 350 MHz, and 500 MHz bandwidths
  • Up to 4 GS/s sample-rate
  • Long Memory – 10 Mpts/Ch
  • 10.1” touch-screen display
  • Fast-waveform update – Up to 130 k wfms/sec
  • 16-digital-channels with 500 MS/s sample rate
  • WaveSource function generator

WaveSurfer 3000 Series Oscilloscopes

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
WS3K-MSO datasheet linkMSO PROBE FOR WS3000WS3K-MSOMSO PROBE FOR WS300016 - Immediate
WS3K-MSO product page link
WAVESURFER 3024 datasheet link200MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTWAVESURFER 3024200MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPT11 - Immediate
WAVESURFER 3024 product page link
WAVESURFER 3054 datasheet link500MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTWAVESURFER 3054500MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPT5 - Immediate
WAVESURFER 3054 product page link
WAVESURFER 3022 datasheet link200MHZ 2CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTWAVESURFER 3022200MHZ 2CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPT1 - Immediate
WAVESURFER 3022 product page link
WAVESURFER 3034 datasheet link350MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPTWAVESURFER 3034350MHZ 4CHAN O-SCOPE 4GS/S 10MPT1 - Immediate
WAVESURFER 3034 product page link
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Published: 2014-06-30