Z-PACK TinMan Connector System

High Density Backplane Connectors

Z-PACK TinMan connector

The TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Z-PACK TinMan backplane connector family is a reliable solution for customers searching for a high density, 10+ Gbps performance backplane interconnect system.

The Z-PACK TinMan connector design follows proven industry backplane convention by offering a fully protected right-angle receptacle for use on daughtercards where handling damage can be a concern when mating to a vertical male header. This connector permits field repairability at either the module or single pin levels.

Ground contacts positioned within each column of the connector, combined with unique contact lead frame arrangements, enable the Z-PACK TinMan connector to achieve low crosstalk and high through-put performance levels. Reliability is provided with a dual point of contact mating interface and compliant pin interface to the printed circuit board.

Product Facts

  • 10+ Gbps performance
  • 100 ohm Impedance for Differential Pair configuration
  • 5 pair version offers 26 pairs/10mm [66 differential pairs/inch] fitting within a 25.40 [1.00] card slot pitch
  • 4 pair version offers 21 pairs/10mm [53 differential pairs/inch] fitting within a 20.30 [.800] card slot pitch
  • 3 pair version offering 16 pairs/10mm [40 differential pairs/inch] fitting within a 16.25 [.625] card slot pitch
  • Right angle pin headers (coplanar) in 3 pair, 4 pair, and 5 pair versions
  • Reliable, redundant contact design on every signal contact
  • Modular system offered in various column versions
  • Meets Industry reliability requirements of Bellcore/Telcordia
  • Sequencing for ground and signal contacts
  • RoHS Compliant

View All TinMan Receptacle Assemblies

  TE P/N Digi-Key P/N Description Buy Now
TinMan Receptacle Assemblies 1934218-1 A99839-ND TinMan Receptacle Assembly 5 pair 8 Column Buy 1934218-1 Now
1934226-1 A99840-ND TinMan Receptacle Assembly 3 pair 8 Column Buy 1934226-1 Now

View All TinMan Header Assemblies

  TE P/N Digi-Key P/N Description Buy Now
TinMan Header Assemblies 1934269-1 A99841-ND TinMan Header Assembly 5x8 Open Buy 1934269-1 Now
1934299-1 A99842-ND TinMan Header Assembly 3x8 Open Buy 1934299-1 Now

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