Spring Fingers

TE Connectivity offers a wide selection of spring fingers in varying styles and sizes

Image of TE Connectivity's Spring FingersTE Connectivity's Spring fingers (also known as shield fingers, grounding springs or universal ground contacts) are used in almost every small printed circuit board application.

A spring finger is a single contact, surface mountable, internal connector. It provides an electrical connection and grounding from EMI noise and static between a PCB and other electronic components, such as a secondary PCB, shield cam, antenna, or speaker. TE Connectivity offers a wide selection of spring fingers in varying styles and sizes depending on the type of application.

Features Applications
  • Used for grounding between device and PCB
  • Provides shielding from vibration from motors, antennas, speakers and microphones
  • Used as a connection for stacking applications between primary and secondary PCBs
  • Available in effective heights of 0.3mm - 6.5mm
  • Requires limited space on a PCB
  • Accommodates soldering and pick-and-place using standard equipment 
  • Mobile devices
  • Home entertainment
  • Personal computing
  • Industrial equipment 

Spring Fingers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionShapeWidthAvailable Quantity
1551573-5 datasheet linkPRE-LOADED SPRING FINGER 2.15MM1551573-5PRE-LOADED SPRING FINGER 2.15MM-0.045" (1.15mm)50101 - Immediate
1551573-5 product page link
1551574-5 datasheet linkPRE-LOADED SPRING FINGER 2.6MM1551574-5PRE-LOADED SPRING FINGER 2.6MM-0.045" (1.15mm)19185 - Immediate
1551574-5 product page link
1551572-5 datasheet linkPRE-LOADED SPRING FINGER 1.8MM1551572-5PRE-LOADED SPRING FINGER 1.8MM-0.045" (1.15mm)74151 - Immediate
1551572-5 product page link
1551575-5 datasheet linkPRE-LOADED SPRING FINGER 3MM1551575-5PRE-LOADED SPRING FINGER 3MM-0.045" (1.15mm)34690 - Immediate
1551575-5 product page link
Published: 2013-07-02