Multi-Position Backplane RF Modules

Modular, high density, blind-mate connection system from TE Connectivity

Image of TE Connectivity's Multi-Position Backplane RF ModulesTE Connectivity's multi-position backplane RF module is a modular, high density, blind-mate RF backplane connection system combining a high performance, broad bandwidth multi-position RF interconnect in a customer configurable platform.

  • Float mounted jack maintains positive RF ground
  • .240 center-to-center spacing
  • High channel to channel isolation
  • RF contacts are available for a variety of low loss cables
  • Compliant pin backplane contacts are available
  • RF cable assembly capability

  • Land and sea anti-ballistic signal processing
  • Central computing, satellite on-board and ship-board computing
  • Ground base stations and communication systems
  • Backplane/daughter card applications
  • Avionics and ground based radar systems
  • UAV electronic sensing and processing
  • Electronic countermeasure systems

Multi-Position Backplane RF Modules

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
2000676-2 datasheet linkCONN PIN KEYED GUIDE MACHINED2000676-2CONN PIN KEYED GUIDE MACHINED187 - Immediate
2000676-2 product page link
1410465-9 datasheet linkCONN KEYED GUIDE MODULE1410465-9CONN KEYED GUIDE MODULE169 - Immediate
1410465-9 product page link
1-1410999-2 datasheet linkCONN GUIDEPIN RT 9MM 2.601-1410999-2CONN GUIDEPIN RT 9MM 2.601713 - Immediate
1-1410999-2 product page link
1410465-1 datasheet linkSOCKET GUIDE VITA 41 KEYED1410465-1SOCKET GUIDE VITA 41 KEYED310 - Immediate
1410465-1 product page link
2226127-1 datasheet linkGUIDE PIN KIT ASSY VITA46 MACH2226127-1GUIDE PIN KIT ASSY VITA46 MACH02226127-1 product page link
2226127-1 datasheet linkGUIDE PIN KIT ASSY VITA46 MACH2226127-1GUIDE PIN KIT ASSY VITA46 MACH247 - Immediate
2226127-1 product page link
1410963-1 datasheet linkACCY CONN PIN GUIDE VITA 411410963-1ACCY CONN PIN GUIDE VITA 4101410963-1 product page link
1410962-1 datasheet linkVITA 41 KEYED GUIDE PIN1410962-1VITA 41 KEYED GUIDE PIN01410962-1 product page link
1410962-7 datasheet linkVITA 41 KEYED GUIDE PIN1410962-7VITA 41 KEYED GUIDE PIN01410962-7 product page link
1410963-7 datasheet linkVITA 41 KEYED GUIDE PIN1410963-7VITA 41 KEYED GUIDE PIN01410963-7 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29