LUMAWISE Solderless LED Holders

LUMAWISE small, low-profile LED holders from TE Connectivity AMP provide a quick and easy solderless connection to the specific LED

Image of TE Connectivity's LUMAWISE Solderless LED HoldersTE Connectivity AMP announces the latest range of TE's LED holder solutions which enable the adoption of Bridgelux, Cree, Citizen, Everlight, Nichia, OSRAM, Seoul Semiconductor, and Sharp COB LEDs. The TE Connectivity Solderless LED holders are small, low-profile solutions that provide a quick and easy solderless connection to the specific LED.

Providing reliable power connection, mechanical attachment, proper thermal force, and secondary optics attachment features for chip on board and array LEDs enables designs to be more reliable, easier to use, and faster to market.

  • Contacts allow for a reliable and consistent connection to the LED
  • Eliminates the need for hand soldering LEDs, keeping the LED from unnecessary heat and the surface clear of solder flux spatters
  • Metal spring option enhances heat sink pressure to the thermal interface material (TIM) without damaging (ceramic) substrates
  • Offers design flexibility with one or two piece configurations
  • The housing design minimizes shadowing to maximize LED output
  • Flat design offers an optic landing area for ease of assembly

LUMAWISE Solderless LED Holders

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
2-2154857-1 datasheet link2 PCS LED SOCKET CITIZEN CLL0202-2154857-12 PCS LED SOCKET CITIZEN CLL02011547 - Immediate
2-2154857-1 product page link
2213254-1 datasheet linkLUMAWISE LED HOLDER Z50 LOW PRO2213254-1LUMAWISE LED HOLDER Z50 LOW PRO61351 - Immediate
2213254-1 product page link
2-2154857-2 datasheet linkQTY2=2PC LED SOCKET CITIZEN2-2154857-2QTY2=2PC LED SOCKET CITIZEN2460 - Immediate
2-2154857-2 product page link
2174024-1 datasheet linkSOLDERLESS LED SOCKETS2174024-1SOLDERLESS LED SOCKETS11683 - Immediate
2174024-1 product page link
2213480-2 datasheet linkLUMAWISE Z50 LED HOLDER 2727 GEN2213480-2LUMAWISE Z50 LED HOLDER 2727 GEN2459 - Immediate
2213480-2 product page link
2213254-2 datasheet linkLUMAWISE LED HOLDER Z50 LOW PRO2213254-2LUMAWISE LED HOLDER Z50 LOW PRO1020 - Immediate
2213254-2 product page link
1-2154857-2 datasheet link2 PCS LED SOCKET BRIDGELUX RS1-2154857-22 PCS LED SOCKET BRIDGELUX RS4181 - Immediate
1-2154857-2 product page link
1-2154857-3 datasheet link2 PCS LED SOCKET BRIDGELUX LS1-2154857-32 PCS LED SOCKET BRIDGELUX LS1910 - Immediate
1-2154857-3 product page link
3-2154857-3 datasheet link2 PCS LED SOCKET OSRAM GW KAJ3-2154857-32 PCS LED SOCKET OSRAM GW KAJ2050 - Immediate
3-2154857-3 product page link
2213678-3 datasheet linkZ35 MINI LED HOLDER 12*15MM PANH2213678-3Z35 MINI LED HOLDER 12*15MM PANH5250 - Immediate
2213678-3 product page link
2213678-4 datasheet linkZ35 MINI LED HOLDER 12*15MM COUN2213678-4Z35 MINI LED HOLDER 12*15MM COUN5250 - Immediate
2213678-4 product page link
2213678-6 datasheet linkZ35 MINI LED HOLDER 13.5*13.5MM2213678-6Z35 MINI LED HOLDER 13.5*13.5MM5239 - Immediate
2213678-6 product page link
2213678-5 datasheet linkZ35 MINI LED HOLDER 13.5*13.5MM2213678-5Z35 MINI LED HOLDER 13.5*13.5MM5228 - Immediate
2213678-5 product page link
2154821-1 datasheet linkHOLDER LED SOCKET SOLDERLESS2154821-1HOLDER LED SOCKET SOLDERLESS4927 - Immediate
2154821-1 product page link
2174306-1 datasheet linkTE SOLDERLESS LED SCKT TYPE SMIZ2174306-1TE SOLDERLESS LED SCKT TYPE SMIZ2182 - Immediate
2174306-1 product page link
2213194-1 datasheet linkZ50 OPTIC CLIP TYPE 12213194-1Z50 OPTIC CLIP TYPE 11425 - Immediate
2213194-1 product page link
2213349-1 datasheet linkZ50 OPTIC CLIP TYPE 22213349-1Z50 OPTIC CLIP TYPE 21128 - Immediate
2213349-1 product page link
2134318-1 datasheet linkLUMIPACK N ASSY2134318-1LUMIPACK N ASSY3643 - Immediate
2134318-1 product page link
6-2154874-1 datasheet link1 PC LED SOCKET CITIZEN CLL0206-2154874-11 PC LED SOCKET CITIZEN CLL020218 - Immediate
6-2154874-1 product page link
2213130-1 datasheet linkZ50 LED HOLDER LOW PROFILE SH2213130-1Z50 LED HOLDER LOW PROFILE SH441 - Immediate
2213130-1 product page link
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Published: 2013-01-15