AMPLIMITE D-Subminiature Connectors

TE Connectivity AMP's AMPLIMITE D-subminiature connectors is a complete range of quality, time-tested D-sub connectors

Image of TE Connectivity's AMPLIMITE D-Subminiature ConnectorsTE Connectivity AMP provides a complete range of quality, time-tested D-Sub connectors that have become the standard in the D-Sub industry. Their complete line of D-Subminiature connectors ranges from right angle and vertical posted connectors and cable connectors to the AMPLIMITE 0.050 series D-Sub connectors.

TE Connectivity's D-Subminiature connector portfolio is designed for multiple applications along with specialized accessories that will provide any customer with an economical D-Sub solution for any complex application.

  • Cable and PCB mounted D-Sub connectors
  • Available in two series; HD-20 and HD-22, each having five sizes related to the size of the shell
  • PCB mounted D-Subminiature connectors are available in either right angle or straight configurations
  • Stacked headers reduce overall total header volume by 48% and PC board area by 38%. Stacked headers also offer optional contact shield for additional EMI/RFI protection
  • Compatible with SCSI or VESA standards
  • Front metal, full metal and plastic shell features allow user to choose a connector with the right durability and right price
  • Integral boardlocks, 4-40 threaded inserts or female screwlocks are available to secure connectors to PCB's
  • UL94V-0 rated thermoplastic housing
  • RoHS compliant
  • Rugged

  • PC's
  • Laptops
  • Serial communications
  • Telecommunications
  • Local area networks
  • Projectors
  • Test equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Military
  • Industrial

AMPLIMITE D-Sub Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeAvailable Quantity
1658654-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RECEPT 9POS W/O CONT1658654-1CONN D-SUB RECEPT 9POS W/O CONTReceptacle for Female Contacts363 - Immediate
1658654-1 product page link
1658642-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB HOUSING PLUG 9POS1658642-1CONN D-SUB HOUSING PLUG 9POSPlug for Male Contacts560 - Immediate
1658642-1 product page link
1658641-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB HOUSING PLUG 50POS1658641-2CONN D-SUB HOUSING PLUG 50POSPlug for Male Contacts361 - Immediate
1658641-2 product page link
1658641-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB HOUSING PLUG 50POS1658641-1CONN D-SUB HOUSING PLUG 50POSPlug for Male Contacts478 - Immediate
1658641-1 product page link
1658640-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB HOUSING RECEPT 50POS1658640-2CONN D-SUB HOUSING RECEPT 50POSReceptacle for Female Contacts476 - Immediate
1658640-2 product page link
1658643-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB HOUSING RECEPT 9POS1658643-1CONN D-SUB HOUSING RECEPT 9POSReceptacle for Female Contacts250 - Immediate
1658643-1 product page link
1658641-3 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB HOUSING PLUG 50POS1658641-3CONN D-SUB HOUSING PLUG 50POSPlug for Male Contacts748 - Immediate
1658641-3 product page link
1658655-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS W/O CONT1658655-1CONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS W/O CONTPlug for Male Contacts1382 - Immediate
1658655-1 product page link
1658648-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 25POS W/O CONT1658648-1CONN D-SUB PLUG 25POS W/O CONTPlug for Male Contacts237 - Immediate
1658648-1 product page link
1658649-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RECEPT 25POS W/O CONT1658649-1CONN D-SUB RECEPT 25POS W/O CONTReceptacle for Female Contacts208 - Immediate
1658649-1 product page link
1658642-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS CRIMP1658642-2CONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS CRIMPPlug for Male Contacts933 - Immediate
1658642-2 product page link
1658644-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB HOUSING RECEPT 15POS1658644-1CONN D-SUB HOUSING RECEPT 15POSReceptacle for Female Contacts781 - Immediate
1658644-1 product page link
1658651-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RECEPT 37POS W/O CONT1658651-1CONN D-SUB RECEPT 37POS W/O CONTReceptacle for Female Contacts129 - Immediate
1658651-1 product page link
1658652-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 50POS W/O CONT1658652-1CONN D-SUB PLUG 50POS W/O CONTPlug for Male Contacts233 - Immediate
1658652-1 product page link
106507-2 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS R/A SOLDER106507-2CONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS R/A SOLDERReceptacle, Female Sockets1434 - Immediate
106507-2 product page link
1658646-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RECEPT 9POS W/O CONT1658646-1CONN D-SUB RECEPT 9POS W/O CONTReceptacle for Female Contacts696 - Immediate
1658646-1 product page link
1658645-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS W/O CONTACT1658645-1CONN D-SUB PLUG 9POS W/O CONTACTPlug for Male Contacts955 - Immediate
1658645-1 product page link
1658657-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS W/O CONT1658657-1CONN D-SUB PLUG 15POS W/O CONTPlug for Male Contacts64 - Immediate
1658657-1 product page link
1658656-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RECEPT 15POS W/O CONT1658656-1CONN D-SUB RECEPT 15POS W/O CONTReceptacle for Female Contacts65 - Immediate
1658656-1 product page link
1658653-1 datasheet linkCONN D-SUB RECEPT 50POS W/O CONT1658653-1CONN D-SUB RECEPT 50POS W/O CONTReceptacle for Female Contacts57 - Immediate
1658653-1 product page link
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Published: 2012-08-17