MHP-TAM Over-Temperature Protection Devices

Littelfuse MHP-TAM offers a compact size and thin form factor to facilitate circuit protection in ultra-thin battery pack designs

Image of Littelfuse's MHP-TAM Over-Temperature Protection DevicesThe rapidly expanding market for ultra-thin portable electronic devices, such as media tablets and ultra-thin PCs, has created demand for very thin, low-profile, lightweight, and high-capacity lithium polymer (LiP) and prismatic cells. Littelfuse metal hybrid PPTC (MHP) device, the MHP-TAM, offers a 9 VDC rating and a higher current rating than typical battery strap devices. This meets the battery safety requirements of higher-capacity LiP and prismatic batteries found in the latest tablet and ultra-thin computing products. Hybrid MHP technology connects a bimetal protector in parallel with a polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) device. The resulting MHP-TAM device helps provide resettable over-temperature protection while utilizing the PPTC device to act as a heater and to help keep the bimetal latched until the fault is removed.

Features and Benefits
  • Capable of handling voltages and battery charge rates found in high-capacity LiP and prismatic cells used in cutting-edge applications
  • Helps provide resettable and accurate over-temperature protection
  • Compact size and thin form factor facilitates circuit protection in ultra-thin battery pack designs
  • Two levels of hold current:
    • Low current (nominal 6 A hold current at 25°C)
    • High current (nominal 15 A hold current at 25°C)
  • Multiple temperature ratings
    • 72°C, 77°C, 82°C, 85°C, and 90°C
  • Compact size (L: 5.8 mm x W: 3.85 mm x H: 1.15 mm)
  • Battery cell protection for high-capacity lithium polymer and prismatic cells used in:
    • Notebook PCs
    • Ultra-books
    • Tablets
    • Smart phones

Temperature Regulators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCircuitSwitching TemperatureReset TemperatureAvailable Quantity
MHP-TAM6-9-72 datasheet linkRESET FUSE SMDMHP-TAM6-9-72RESET FUSE SMDSPST-NC162°F (72°C)104°F (40°C)1965 - Immediate
MHP-TAM6-9-72 product page link
MHP-TAM6-9-82 datasheet linkRESET FUSE SMDMHP-TAM6-9-82RESET FUSE SMDSPST-NC180°F (82°C)104°F (40°C)1995 - Immediate
MHP-TAM6-9-82 product page link
MHP-TAM15-9-77 datasheet linkRESET FUSE SMDMHP-TAM15-9-77RESET FUSE SMDSPST-NC170°F (77°C)104°F (40°C)1989 - Immediate
MHP-TAM15-9-77 product page link
MHP-TAM15-9-90 datasheet linkRESET FUSE SMDMHP-TAM15-9-90RESET FUSE SMDSPST-NC194°F (90°C)104°F (40°C)1820 - Immediate
MHP-TAM15-9-90 product page link
MHP-TAM6-9-77 datasheet linkRESET FUSE SMDMHP-TAM6-9-77RESET FUSE SMDSPST-NC170°F (77°C)104°F (40°C)1981 - Immediate
MHP-TAM6-9-77 product page link
MHP-TAM15-9-72 datasheet linkRESET FUSE SMDMHP-TAM15-9-72RESET FUSE SMDSPST-NC162°F (72°C)104°F (40°C)1950 - Immediate
MHP-TAM15-9-72 product page link
MHP-TAM6-9-85 datasheet linkRESET FUSE SMDMHP-TAM6-9-85RESET FUSE SMDSPST-NC185°F (85°C)104°F (40°C)1986 - Immediate
MHP-TAM6-9-85 product page link
MHP-TAM15-9-85 datasheet linkRESET FUSE SMDMHP-TAM15-9-85RESET FUSE SMDSPST-NC185°F (85°C)104°F (40°C)1999 - Immediate
MHP-TAM15-9-85 product page link
MHP-TAM15-9-82 datasheet linkRESET FUSE SMDMHP-TAM15-9-82RESET FUSE SMDSPST-NC180°F (82°C)104°F (40°C)1959 - Immediate
MHP-TAM15-9-82 product page link
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Published: 2015-11-03