SSRx Series Solid State Relays

TE Connectivity and Digi-Key introduce relays with long service life and various package options

SSRx Series Solid State RelaysProperly applied, TE Connectivity solid state relays deliver the long service life demanded by a variety of applications where loads are frequently cycled on and off. Models are available in zero voltage turn-on and random voltage turn-on versions, permitting users to select a relay with the preferred switching characteristics for a given application. Also, they are available in SIP PC board packages or DIN-rail/panel mount packages.

Features Applications
  • Quiet operation
  • Long service life
  • Optical coupling provides 2500 V to 4000 V isolation (model dependent)
  • Inverse parallel connected SCR output in all types
  • Low leakage current
  • Integral heatsinks on some models
  • Maximum ratings:
    • 2 A to 25 A for SIP PC board relays
    • 10 A to 65 A for DIN rail/panel mount relays
  • Heating elements, motors and lamps in industrial machinery and commercial equipment
  • Theatrical lighting systems, traffic controls and institutional door controls
  • Medical applications such as blood analysis equipment, portable vital signs monitors, lasers, scanners and baby warmers
  • Applications where audible noise must be kept to a minimum

Solid State Relays

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
SSRA-240D2 datasheet linkRELAY SSR 240VAC 2A MINI-SIPSSRA-240D2RELAY SSR 240VAC 2A MINI-SIP969 - Immediate
SSRA-240D2 product page link
SSRC-240D5 datasheet linkRELAY SSR 240VAC 5A SIP AC OUTSSRC-240D5RELAY SSR 240VAC 5A SIP AC OUT146 - Immediate
SSRC-240D5 product page link
SSRF-240D25 datasheet linkRELAY SSR 240VAC 25A SIP PWR FINSSRF-240D25RELAY SSR 240VAC 25A SIP PWR FIN43 - Immediate
SSRF-240D25 product page link
SSRM-600D65 datasheet linkRELAY SSR COOL PK SPST 65A 32VSSRM-600D65RELAY SSR COOL PK SPST 65A 32V14 - Immediate
SSRM-600D65 product page link
SSRM-600D45 datasheet linkSSRELAY COOL PK SPST-NO 45A 32VSSRM-600D45SSRELAY COOL PK SPST-NO 45A 32V1 - Immediate
SSRM-600D45 product page link
SSRK-600D30 datasheet linkRELAY SSR 30A DIN RL SPST-NO 32VSSRK-600D30RELAY SSR 30A DIN RL SPST-NO 32V0SSRK-600D30 product page link
Published: 2009-09-03