PE Series Relays

TE Connectivity's PE series relays offer compact size and high switching capacity

Image of TE Connectivity's PE Series RelaysTE Connectivity's PE series relay is a small relay offering 1 form C (CO) or 1 form A (NO) contacts rated 5 amps. It achieves its compact size and relatively high switching capacity with a sensitive coil requiring only 200 mW.

Applications include industrial equipment, HVAC thermostats, electricity meters, timer relays, white goods, interface modules, home automation, and battery powered controls.

  • 1 form A (NO) or 1 form C (CO) contact
  • Life expectancy at 85°C AgNi 90/10:
    • 1 NO 5 A / 250 VAC 100.000 cycles
    • 1 CO 5 A / 250 VAC 100.000 cycles
  • Protection class RT II (RT III on request)
  • > 3.2 mm / 4 mm clearance / creepage distances
  • Very small size 20 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm
  • 200 mW coil
  • 4 kV dielectric strength
  • RoHS compliant, IEC 60335-1 (WG) version available
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCoil TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
PE014005RELAY GENERAL PURPOSE SPDT 5A 5VNon Latching12018 - Immediate
PE014012RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 5A 12VNon Latching2792 - Immediate
PE014024RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 5A 24VNon Latching2852 - Immediate
PE014006RELAY GENERAL PURPOSE SPDT 5A 6VNon Latching53 - Immediate
1-1393219-7RELAY POWER MINI-0
PE014048RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 5A 48VNon Latching0
Published: 2013-07-08