Panel Plug-In Relays

TE Connectivity offers panel plug-in relays with 1, 4, or up to 8 pole configurations

Image of TE Connectivity's Panel Plug-In RelaysThe TE Connectivity panel plug-in relays provide a plug-in or panel-mount option in 1 to 4 pole configurations and even up to 8 poles with some versions. Their transparent covers allow for visual observance of the relay's internal component functionality. They offer switching ability from dry circuit to 32 amp loads, options for product testing and testing in applications, as well as mating sockets capable of meeting unique design requirements. TE panel plug-in relays are ideal for industrial applications where many operations are expected, such as elevator/escalator controls, commercial HVAC, or street lighting.

Features Applications
  • Dry circuit up to 32 A switching capability
  • Plug-in, panel-, or PCB-mount
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 pole versions available, AC and DC coils
  • Transparent/ translucent covers to identify component functionality
  • Multiple contact arrangements to meet your specific design requirements
  • Optional push/pull to test, mechanical, or electrical indicator and magnetic latching (bi-stable) features available
  • Mating sockets available
  • Elevator/escalator
  • Interface technology
  • Process control
  • Panel boards
  • Light controls
  • Building energy management
  • Solar
KUP Potter Brumfield
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
KUP-14D15-12RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 10A 12V320 - Immediate
KUP-14D15-24RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 10A 24V297 - Immediate
KUP-14A15-120RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 10A 120V207 - Immediate
KUP-14D55-12RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 10A 12V108 - Immediate
KUP-11D11-24RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 5A 24V168 - Immediate
KUP-11AT5-120RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 10A 120V1393 - Immediate
KUP-14A35-120RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 10A 120V101 - Immediate
4-1393117-8RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 10A 5V553 - Immediate
KUP-11D15-110RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 10A 110V825 - Immediate
KUP-14A15-24RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 10A 24V165 - Immediate
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KUEP Potter Brumfield
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
KUEP-3D15-48RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 10A 48V538 - Immediate
KUEP-3D15-110RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 10A 110V41 - Immediate
KUEP-11D15-48RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 10A 48V37 - Immediate
KUEP-11D15-110RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 10A 110V12 - Immediate
KUEP-7D15-110RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPST 10A 110V11 - Immediate
KUEP-7D15-24RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPST 10A 24V13 - Immediate
KUEP-11A15-120RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 10A 120V20 - Immediate
9-1393113-8RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPST 10A 12V31 - Immediate
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
RM202024RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 16A 24V502 - Immediate
2-1393844-3RELAY SOCKET PC RM SERIES837 - Immediate
RM705615RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 16A 115V144 - Immediate
9-1393146-8RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 16A 24V561 - Immediate
RM202615RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 16A 115V643 - Immediate
RM702024RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 16A 24V663 - Immediate
3-1393146-2RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 16A 230V269 - Immediate
RM602024RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PST 10A 24V125 - Immediate
RM835048RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 25A 48V334 - Immediate
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
PT570024RELAY GEN PURPOSE 4PDT 6A 24V133 - Immediate
PT570524RELAY GEN PURPOSE 4PDT 6A 24V183 - Immediate
4-1415043-1SOCKET 4POLE SLD TERM PT401 - Immediate
1393162-5SOCKET 3 POLE PCB PT359 - Immediate
6-1415034-1SOCKET FOR PT2 MINI RELAYS284 - Immediate
9-1415071-1SOCKET W/SCREW FOR DINRAIL185 - Immediate
5-1415043-1SOCKET 2 POLE PCB PT800 - Immediate
5-1415002-1RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 10A 24V218 - Immediate
1860000-1SOCKET RELAY 4P DIN SCREWLESS172 - Immediate
PT370024RELAY GEN PURPOSE 3PDT 10A 24V27 - Immediate
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
1887200-3RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 24V203 - Immediate
1887200-2RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 12V376 - Immediate
1887212-1RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 24V219 - Immediate
1887112-3RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 16A 12V146 - Immediate
1887100-2RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 16A 12V229 - Immediate
1887101-3RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 16A 24V651 - Immediate
1887201-3RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 24V236 - Immediate
1887112-1RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 16A 24V457 - Immediate
1887213-3RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 8A 24V171 - Immediate
1887113-3RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 16A 24V295 - Immediate
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Published: 2014-04-11