CU Series Power Entry Modules

TE Connectivity’s CU Series well suited for consumer and computer electronics, telecommunications, industrial applications

Image of TE Connectivity's CU Series Power Entry ModulesThe CU series of power entry modules from TE Connectivity fills the need for smaller versions of switched inlet filters and unfiltered power inlets. This series provides power entry for equipment designed for popular 1U (1¾ inches) height equipment racks. The filtered versions provide complete shielding, shrouded quick-connect terminals and basic filtering for 1 A to 15 A applications in an extremely compact size.

The design is available in snap-in, flanged, and a rear-mount style option, which provides a flush appearance with enhanced EMI shielding. The unfiltered inlet snap-in versions are available in three different configurations to fit a variety of panel cutouts and thicknesses. Additionally, they are available with optional pre-connected terminals from the socket to the switch. The CU Series features a common IEC 60320-1 C-14 power inlet for international compatibility.

Features Applications
  • Compact 1U (1¾ inches) design
  • 1 A to 15 A
  • Filtered and unfiltered
  • SPST switch
  • Shrouded quick-connect terminals
  • Various mounting styles
  • Lower power dissipation
  • Higher system efficiency
  • Lower cooling demand
  • Underwriters laboratories recognized, CSA certified and VDE approved
  • Rack mounted equipment
  • Telecom
  • Consumer electronics
  • Power supplies
  • Routers
  • PCs
  • Lighting
  • Imaging equipment
  • Set-top boxes
  • Max Leakage Current: .25 mA @ 120 VAC 60Hz, .40 mA @ 250 VAC 50 Hz
  • Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Currents: 1 A, 3 A, 6 A, 10 A, 15 A
  • Switch: Single pole single throw
  • Hipot Rating (1 min): 1500 VAC (line-to-ground), 1450 VDC (line-to-line)
  • Rated Voltage: 250 VAC
  • Operating Voltage: 120 VAC, 250 VAC
  • Terminal Push-on Force: 15 lb/67 N (max)


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
2-1609113-9 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL2-1609113-9PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL64 - Immediate
2-1609113-9 product page link
2-1609113-4 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL2-1609113-4PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL50 - Immediate
2-1609113-4 product page link
2-1609113-8 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL2-1609113-8PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL78 - Immediate
2-1609113-8 product page link
2-1609114-4 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL2-1609114-4PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL27 - Immediate
2-1609114-4 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
2-1609114-7 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL2-1609114-7PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL224 - Immediate
2-1609114-7 product page link
1-1609112-8 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL1-1609112-8PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL248 - Immediate
1-1609112-8 product page link
2-1609114-9 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL2-1609114-9PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL198 - Immediate
2-1609114-9 product page link
1-1609112-5 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL1-1609112-5PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL838 - Immediate
1-1609112-5 product page link
1-1609112-7 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL1-1609112-7PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL160 - Immediate
1-1609112-7 product page link
2-1609114-8 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL2-1609114-8PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL119 - Immediate
2-1609114-8 product page link
1-1609112-6 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL1-1609112-6PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL43 - Immediate
1-1609112-6 product page link
1-1609112-9 datasheet linkPWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL1-1609112-9PWR ENT MOD RCPT IEC320-C14 PNL96 - Immediate
1-1609112-9 product page link
Published: 2010-02-04